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What Working Here Means to Our Colleagues

Hear what it's really like to work here, straight from our colleagues. Read and watch each story to understand how our approach benefits their personal and professional lives through our dedication to diversity and inclusion, flexibility and wellbeing.

Steve and Lorna

“I’ve been through it, so I can help my clients get through such a devastating time in their life.”

Lorna Benson, Trainee Solicitor

Meet Steve and Lorna
Steve and lorna


"Ultimately, my job is to help brilliant people connect with our clients and for our clients to connect with our brilliant people."

Alex Lloyd, Head of Contact

Meet Alex Lloyd
Alex Lloyd


"Being able to describe complex issues in a very clear and concise way is really key to advising international businesses and individuals.”

Bryan Bletso, Director of Strategic Growth (International)

Meet Bryan Bletso
Bryan Bletso


“I did worry when I applied to Irwin Mitchell but as soon as I joined I was very open with my manager and I’ve been supported ever since.”

Katie Lowe, Solicitor, Serious Injury

Meet Katie Lowe
Katie Lowe

Hayley and Sally

As part of our life at Irwin Mitchell campaign, we sat down with Sally Sargesson, from our cost management team and Hayley Hill, from our workplace illness team. They discussed their day-to-day roles and how they got involved with the networking group, IM Powered. They also share their successes and their experience of co-chairing the group.

Meet Hayley and Sally
Hayley and Sally

Helen, Sophie and Taylor

We sat down with colleagues from our residential property team, Helen Hutchison, Sophie Bray and Taylor Crouchman. We wanted to find out more about their day-to-day roles and how they work together and support one another, while helping their clients with their property needs.

Meet Helen, Sophie and Taylor
Helen Hutchison, Sophie Bray and Taylor Crouchman


“I’ve been very pleased with my career development at Irwin Mitchell, I joined one year qualified and since then I moved on to a partner, moved on to leading the team locally and then moved on to leading the team nationally.”

Danny Revitt, Partner, Real Estate Disputes

Meet Danny Revitt
Danny Revitt


“They are there to provide you with support, they are there to provide you with that care and understanding to push you and direct you and train you, to be the best that you can be.”

Gabriel Okei, Client Experience Expert

Meet Gabriel Okei
Gabriel Okei


“I feel so proud to be able to help my clients. To me it means everything, it's what I've wanted to do throughout my entire career, and it's the best thing about my job.”

Jen Shipley, Senior Associate, Serious Injury

Meet Jen Shipley
Jen Shipley

Gurpreet and Guy

We sat down with Gurpreet Lalli and her line manager Guy Forster to find out more about how they help our clients who have suffered from medical negligence, how their relationship has developed over the years and why career development is a key part of life at Irwin Mitchell.

Meet Gurpreet and Guy
Gurpreet Lalli and Guy Forster


"Working in such a large firm so early on in my career is both exciting and challenging. You’re working with people who’ve worked in the legal industry for many years, so there’s a lot of responsibility but that comes with many fantastic opportunities."

Angela, Marketing Executive

Meet Angela Lindley
reward culture career environment image


"Our working environment is flexible, inclusive and focused, so we can provide the best service for our clients. We pride ourselves on our expertise, but the friendly nature of our business and the warmth of our colleagues is what makes us successful."

Chani, Partner, Serious Injury

Meet Chani Dhaliwal
reward culture career environment image


"We have a very strong and inclusive culture here. You can be who you want to be, and this is celebrated and valued. Being diverse and inclusive brings great value to our business, making it stronger and a much better place to work."

Ed, Head of Financial Planning

Meet Ed Tomlinson
reward culture career environment image


"Career progression is something we strive for here. I started the Associate Project Management Qualification as an apprenticeship, which is an amazing opportunity and something that’s going to add value to my current role."

Emma, Head of Lateral Hire

Meet Emma Eaton
reward culture career environment image


"My colleagues are also important to my success. We work well together and everyone’s been really supportive. I talk to my team regularly and they’re always on hand to help if I have any questions. They’re all really easy to talk to."

Janine, Partnership Finance Manager

Meet Janine King
reward culture career environment image


"I feel like I’m making a difference with some of the work that I’m involved in, which is what I really enjoy."

Jenna, HR Apprentice

Meet Jenna Biddle
Jenna Human Touch


"We can all make a positive impact, and if you're lucky enough to work for an organisation like ours, then you've got the support to do that. There are so many ways you can get involved with initiatives here and we’re always looking for brilliant, bright, new colleagues who can make a positive difference."

Kate, Head of Responsible Business

Meet Kate Fergusson
reward culture career environment image


“The experience you get from doing an apprenticeship in law is invaluable.”

Lauren, Apprentice Charted Legal Executive

Meet Lauren Mannion


"I've always been accepted for who I am and what I have to bring, and my career has gone from strength to strength as a result. It's important that the LGBTQ+ community have visible role models that they can see in senior positions. I know when I was growing up, that was what helped me, and that's something that I'm really passionate about, making sure that I give back."

Luke, Partner, Medical Negligence

Meet Luke Daniels
reward culture career environment image


"Having a positive work-life balance is important. It can be challenging given the clients I work with, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Work is one of my happy places and it’s what keeps me going."

Nicola, Senior Associate Solicitor, Workplace Illness

Meet Nicola Handley
reward culture career environment image


"Our Flexible by Choice policy is absolutely fantastic, because it empowers us to work in a way that works for us.  It's given me more time to do the things I enjoy doing and it benefits our clients as well."

Padma, Partner, Employment

Meet Padma Tadi
reward culture career environment image

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