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Our Campaigns

We’ve helped many seriously injured people rebuild their lives and understand the importance of helping our clients to continue enjoying their hobbies and interests when they have a disability. 

Our campaigns highlight the ways that events and activities can be made more accessible for disabled people, as well as some of our client’s inspiring stories after suffering life-changing injuries.

We recognise the vital role that sport, music and art can play in rehabilitation – both psychologically and physically – and we’ve seen first-hand the impact they have on a disabled individual’s life.

Disability shouldn’t be a barrier to the same quality of life that able-bodied people enjoy, and we hope that our campaigns show how achievable this aim is.

"Don't Quit, Do It"

Hannah Cockroft

Disability sport can play a key role in rehabilitation and recovery for someone who has suffered life-changing injuries, which is why we want to show the ways people can get involved and some of the inspiring journeys our clients have made.

Disability Sport

Our latest video series is about inspiring and encouraging people to get involved in sport.

Disability Sports Grants Programme

Disability Sports Grant

Our new grant scheme is an initiative designed to support and nurture disabled people and teams involved in inclusive sport.

Just In Case

Your holiday is a well-deserved break and with the amount of planning that goes into your holiday, you’d expect that everything runs to plan. Read our travel tips for a healthy holiday.


safer journeys pedestrian

#SaferJourneys highlights key ways to stay safe on the road.