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Defective Medical Device Claims

Metal-On-Metal Hip Replacement Claims

If you or a loved one has suffered because of a faulty metal-on-metal hip replacement product, our experienced solicitors may be able to help you claim compensation. We have expertise in claims arising from resurfacing implants and total hip replacement implants.

This type of implant was once widely given to patients requiring a new hip joint, but many of these devices have been shown to fail much earlier than expected and they may cause injury due to metal particles released as the implants wear over time. This can have serious consequences, including the need for additional surgery in some cases.

Our lawyers are currently dealing with hip replacement claims focusing on DePuy ASR products. We have decades of experience in taking large medical companies and organisations to court. If you think you have a case, we could help you to get the metal-on-metal hip compensation you deserve.

We'll make sure you're completely supported during every step of the claims process, including helping you access medical care and rehabilitation while your claim is ongoing.

If you have any questions about claiming compensation for issues caused by a metal-on-metal hip replacement, please call us today on 0800 121 6567 for a free initial consultation about your case, or contact us online and we'll make sure to contact you. Our team will talk through your situation and give you our expert advice on what to do next. There's no obligation for you to continue with us after this initial call.

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Metal on Metal Hip Replacements - More Information
    • How Much Can I Claim?
    • How much compensation you receive for an injury caused by a defective medical product will depend on various factors related to your injury, its circumstances, and the support and rehabilitation you need.

      The amount of compensation you could claim is based on many factors, including:

      • Current and future loss of earnings from being unable to return to work
      • Medical and travel expenses you've had to pay
      • Your care and support needs – both now and in the future
      • Whether you need modifications to your home
      • Whether you need mobility aids or specialist equipment
      • Your pain and suffering, and the nature of any ongoing problems you have

      For more information, call us on 0800 121 6567 and we'll be happy to discuss your options in a free initial consultation.

    • What Is A Group Claim, And What Are The Benefits?
    • When an entire line of medical products is defective, many people may suffer injuries as a result. In these situations, it is possible to make a group claim to ensure you and your fellow victims are fully and fairly compensated for your trauma.

      In some cases a group action may be appropriate way for the court to manage a number of similar claims together without having a trial of each individual claim. Group actions can help people to share legal expertise as well as the cost by working together, to try and maximise the chances of being fully and fairly compensated for your trauma.

      We have extensive experience in pursuing group actions relating to many different types of claim, including for defective products, drugs and medical devices.

      The expertise and results achieved for our clients means that Irwin Mitchell is the most highly ranked personal injury firm in the UK by two independent leading legal reviews.

      If you're unsure about whether making a group claim is right for you, it's best to seek some advice. Contact us and we'll be able to advise you on the options.

    • What's The Claims Process?
    • To make a compensation claim for an injury caused by a defective medical product, the first thing you need to do is get in touch with us for a free consultation. We'll discuss what's happened to you, advise you on whether or not we think you can claim, and work out whether you could benefit from a No Win No Fee* arrangement.

      If you do decide to make a claim with us, we'll usually follow the same three stages:

      1. Investigation. We'll begin by determining the extent of your injury or illness, and any losses that you may experience as a result. This may involve an examination carried out by a medical expert.
      2. Compensation. We'll work out how much compensation you should get based on the severity of your injuries, your pain and suffering, any medical expenses you've had, and your ability to get back to work. We'll put this amount to your opponent, and they can either accept or contest your claim.
      3. Conclusion. If your opponent accepted blame, you'll be awarded compensation. If not, court proceedings will begin.

      Starting proceedings doesn't mean that your claim will definitely go to trial. Instead, it means that the court takes over the management of your case – and there is still the opportunity for your opponent to settle.

      If you do have to go to court, we'll be there to support you every step of the way. If we agreed to handle your claim under a No Win No Fee* arrangement, then you won't have to pay anything if you were unsuccessful.

      If you have any questions about the claims process, please contact us today on 0800 121 6567 for your free initial consultation.

    • Can I Make A No Win No Fee* Claim?
    • Many of our cases are funded with a No Win No Fee agreement. This means that there's no financial risk* to you when making a compensation claim.

      At the start of your case we'll discuss funding options with you, advising you which we think is most suitable. If you have legal expenses insurance (LEI) or are covered by a trade union policy, these may be best for you. Legal expenses insurance is included in many household insurance policies, so it's always worth checking whether you're already covered.

      If we think you're best supported by a No Win No Fee agreement, we'll explain the process clearly. This involves setting up an insurance policy that will protect you, at no cost to you. You’ll only have to pay anything when your claim is successful – your opponent will pay most of our fees.

      Please visit our No Win No Fee page for more information on how it works.

Meeting manufacturing specifications is a must for companies producing medical devices, especially those designed to be implanted within the body. People are entitled to expect the highest levels of safety.”

Tim Annett, Partner
Defective Products

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Make A Metal-On-Metal Hip Replacement Claim?

If either you or a loved one has had a metal-on-metal hip replacement device that caused harm, you may be able to claim compensation. This is particularly true if you or a loved one had one of the DePuy ASR devices for which we are currently pursuing legal action.

If you were affected personally, you normally have up to three years to make a claim, dating from when the injury took place. However, claims arising from defective products also have to be brought within 10 years of the product going into circulation, so it is important to seek legal advice on this.

You may also be able to claim on behalf of a loved one who's unable to make legal decisions – if they have dementia, for example. These claims are still subject to the 10 year time limit.

Claims can be focused on the performance of the metal-on-metal hip implant itself, in which case we will take legal action against the manufacturer. If the problems stem from complications from surgery, you may be able to make a claim against the individual or organisation responsible for the procedure, on the grounds of medical negligence.

We are acting for a number of people who been injured by so called large-head metal-on-metal hip replacements, so you may be able to join a group claim, especially if many others received the same faulty implant. Group claims benefit from having added support and strength in numbers due to the number of people involved, which can help in terms of sharing evidence and the cost of litigation. We'll let you know if you have the potential to make a group claim.

If you're not sure whether or not you'll be able to make a metal-on-metal hip replacement claim, it's best to seek some advice from the experts. Call us today on 0800 121 6567, or contact us online, for a free, no-obligation initial consultation about your case.

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What Problems Have Been Linked To Metal-On-Metal Hip Replacements?

For a number of years now, the problems with metal-on-metal hip replacements have been clear, and it's now well-known that these devices can cause serious bodily harm, including:

  • Soft tissue and bone destruction
  • The formation of pseudo-tumours (a mass or fluid collection around the hip)
  • Difficulty walking or reduced mobility
  • Instability of the hip joint and dislocations
  • Grinding or clunking sensations
  • Post-operative complications after additional surgery

It is alleged that such problems are due to the release of metal ions/particles, caused by metal implant components rubbing against each other, as well as corrosion especially at the taper/trunnion junction between the articulating components and the femoral stem. These problems have been linked to early failure and worse outcomes as compared to other types of hip replacement implant. Damage due to metal wear debris can cause or contribute to the medical issues listed above, and in the worst cases, result in serious and permanent disabilities.

If you or a loved one is experiencing any of the problems listed above, we recommend that you seek immediate medical attention and visit your GP.

To find out whether you'll be able to make a claim, call us today on 0800 121 6567, or contact us online, for a free, no-obligation initial consultation about your case. We'll try our best to answer any questions you might have.

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Why Choose Irwin Mitchell For A Metal-On-Metal Hip Replacement Claim?

Our medical negligence and product liability lawyers have a huge amount of experience in dealing with metal-on-metal hip replacement claims. With decades of experience, they've helped thousands of people make claims against large medical companies and organisations which produced defective medical products. We understand how injuries can affect many aspects of people's lives, and we treat all claims with care and sensitivity.

Our experience helps us ensure you get the compensation and help you need during your case, giving you compensation that can help pay for medical treatments, care, lost earnings, travel costs, home modifications and mobility aids – any cost that came about due to your injury.

The experience and expertise of our solicitors means there's no need to worry about going up against a large medical organisation in court. They'll make sure you're given the advice and support you need throughout the claims process, giving you complete peace of mind and letting you focus on what matters: your recovery.

We'll make sure you get the compensation you need and deserve, and if you're in need of surgery, physiotherapy or any other form of medical support, we'll make sure your compensation reflects this. We'll also help you receive care and support during the claims process if necessary – it's this focus on rehabilitation that's seen us win Post Magazine’s Rehabilitation Award for Claimant Solicitors on seven occasions.

If you have any questions or concerns about making a metal-on-metal hip replacement claim, or simply want to know how we can help, then please give us a call today on 0800 121 6567 or contact us online, for a free initial consultation on your case. You have no obligation to continue with us after this initial call.

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