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UK employment law states that employers must have a fair reason to dismiss an employee. If you’ve been dismissed and you feel it may have been unfair, our employment solicitors could help you make a claim.

We understand that this will be a stressful and emotional time. We’ll support and advise you while working to achieve a speedy resolution, as we know you may be worried about your finances and future career.

Our Employment Law team is recognised as being amongst the industry leaders by independent guides to the legal profession. We’re specialists in helping senior professionals, directors and executives to resolve unfair dismissal claims as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What Services Do We Offer?

If you’ve been unfairly dismissed, our lawyers can help you access compensation by making an unfair dismissal claim at the Employment Tribunal. Similarly, if you resigned because you felt unable to work due to your employer’s actions, we could help you make a claim for constructive unfair dismissal.

If you believe your dismissal was linked to your race, age, gender, religion or any other personal characteristic, we may also be able to help you make a discrimination claim. There’s no limit to the compensation available in these cases, so it’s important that you have an experienced team on your side with the specialist knowledge to get the best settlement for you.

If you haven’t been dismissed yet but fear for your position, we could also advise you on the best steps to take to protect yourself.

Who Can We Help?

Under UK law, employers have five fair reasons for dismissing an employee. They are:

  • Capacity
  • Conduct
  • Redundancy
  • Continued employment would contravene a statute
  • Some other substantial reason (this will depend on the facts of each case).

Contact us as soon as possible if you’ve been dismissed, or threatened with dismissal and you don’t believe that any of these reasons apply.

If you were dismissed because of whistleblowing, you may have a case for unfair dismissal. It’s also illegal for an employer to dismiss you in relation to a protected characteristic such as your gender, age or race – find out more about discrimination claims.

To make a claim for unfair dismissal you need to act fast. Step one is to contact ACAS and start the early conciliation process. We can help you with this but you only have three months from the date your employment was terminated, so you should contact us as soon as possible.

We’ve helped many people to make unfair dismissal claims. Our solicitors have specific experience in banking and financial services, healthcare, and legal and professional services. We’re also experts in helping:

  • Senior executives
  • Directors
  • Partners
  • Board members
  • Professionals
  • Consultants
  • Doctors and other members of the healthcare profession.

Why Choose Us?

It’s important at this stressful time to have a team of experts in your corner. The leading independent legal guides, Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners, recognise us as leaders in this field. You can rely on us to bring all of our experience and expertise to your case.

We know that as well as having financial concerns, you’ll be worried about the impact of a dismissal on your future career and prospects. We’ll fight to help you access compensation and prove that your dismissal was unfair.

It doesn’t matter to us whether the company that dismissed you was a small start-up or a large multinational corporation. We’re not intimidated by anyone and will fight to get the best possible outcome for you.

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Unfair Dismissal - More Information
    • Which laws govern unfair dismissal?
    • Section 94 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 gives you the right not to be unfairly dismissed. However, under the same act, there are some circumstances where an employer is allowed to dismiss an employee. These are:

      1. Capacity
      2. Conduct
      3. Redundancy
      4. Continued employment would contravene a statute
      5. Some other substantial reason.

      A dismissal for any other reason may be deemed to be unfair.

      The Equality Act 2010 sets out nine protected characteristics such as age, race and religion. If you’re dismissed as a result of any of these characteristics, you can claim discriminatory dismissal and may be able to claim compensation.

      Your employer must follow their own disciplinary policy. Failure to do so could lead to a 25% increase in your compensation settlement. We can advise you on whether your employer followed their policy.

      To qualify for unfair dismissal you must have continuous service of two years of employment.

    • How does unfair dismissal differ to constructive and wrongful dismissal?
    • Wrongful dismissal is a contractual claim which you make at the High Court. This includes, for example, if your employer didn’t pay your full contractual notice.

      Unfair dismissal claims are made at the Employment Tribunal. This includes claims for constructive unfair dismissal, which is when you’ve been forced to resign because of your employer’s actions.

      You may need to have been employed for two continuous years to make an unfair dismissal claim, depending on the circumstances. We can advise you on this.

    • What Payment Options Are Available?
    • There are a number of ways you can pay for your legal work:

      • Hourly rate – this is how most of our cases are funded. You only pay for the time you use.
      • Agreed fixed fees – in more complex cases it might be more cost effective for us to agree a fixed fee for your work.
      • Legal expenses insurance – this is legal cover that’s often a bolt-on to home insurance. It’s worth seeing if you have this as it may cover some or all of your legal fees.
      • Trade union membership – if you’re a member of a union, they might have something in place that pays your legal fees if you have an employment dispute.
      • Your employer – in some instances your employer may pay some of your costs (this can be the case if you are negotiating a settlement agreement).
      • Third party funding – this is where someone who isn’t directly involved in your case agrees to pay your costs.
      • Crowd funding – it may be possible to crowd fund your case using the CrowdJustice website (particularly if it’s of public interest).

      We can review your options in an initial meeting and let you know how to best pay for your case.

      It’s best to have any relevant membership/insurance documents to hand, as they will help us to understand any cover you already have.

    • Where Are We Based?
    • Our employment lawyers are based in major cities across the country, so we can help wherever you are.

      We offer an initial consultation, either over the phone or in person, where we can discuss your case.

      Call us on 0207 650 3999 or contact us online today to find out how we can help you.

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