You can face arrest and extradition if you are a suspect in a major or minor crime abroad or if you are needed as a witness to take part in criminal proceedings abroad. Whatever the reason, facing arrest and extradition or being the subject of a ‘mutual assistance’ request is very distressing and frightening for most people. 

Mutual assistance requests are made between countries for obtaining evidence or for help with enforcing confiscation orders.

Extradition happens when a crime has been committed in one country but a key person involved in that crime is living in another country. The country where the crime has been committed can ask for that person to be surrendered to them for:

  • Prosecution
  • Sentencing
  • Completion of a sentence that has already been imposed.

In general, to be extradited the offence must carry a sentence of at least 12 months in the country that wants the person to be surrendered.

There is also a long list of reasons why an extradition order should not be made, including:

  • The double jeopardy rule (a person cannot be tried twice for the same offence)
  • If the request is made so that a person can be punished for their race, religion, sexual orientation, gender or political opinions – or if these could affect the person’s case
  • If the offence took place long ago
  • The age of the wanted person
  • The human rights of the wanted person
  • The physical or mental condition of the wanted person

How We Can Help With Extradition And Mutual Assistance Requests

We have a team of dedicated solicitors who specialise in helping clients who are faced with extradition or are the subject of a mutual assistance request. 

We work closely with overseas criminal solicitors, the police, investigators and prosecutors and if appropriate we will fight to challenge the extradition and make sure that all evidence is available for your defence. We can also advise and help you deal with any related Magistrates’ Court or High Court proceedings.

We offer you a discrete, sensitive and professional service to support you through this complex area of law and fight your case.  Our advice will be in plain English, so you’ll always understand what’s happening.  We have years of experience and specialist knowledge to bring to your case and can deal with all types of national and international criminal investigations and prosecutions. 

Funding Your Case

We act on a privately paying basis, often through insurance policies and sometimes through legal aid but the final cost will depend on factors including how long the investigation lasts and what the issues are. 

We will always discuss with you whether the cost is likely to be more or less than expected and will aim to keep your costs as low as possible, giving you value for money.  We will give estimates for each stage of work planned, and will keep you regularly updated about our costs.

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