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Computer & Internet Crime

If you have been arrested, are on police bail or have been charged with a criminal offence involving allegations of computer or internet crime, our expert team could help you. We have in-depth knowledge of both the technology and the law involved in this kind of case and we will work tirelessly to protect your best interests.

Computer or internet crime includes:

  • Hacking
  • Maliciously creating and spreading viruses
  • Using counterfeit or unlicensed software
  • Identity theft

The technology used to commit these crimes is always adapting and becoming more complex, but investigations into these crimes are also becoming more sophisticated with law enforcement agencies working hard to detect and disrupt this activity and prosecute those responsible. Those involved in computer crime or internet fraud can be convicted under the Computer Misuse Act or more generally for offences of fraud or money laundering and so on.

Internet fraud and computer crime often has an element of international law involved, since crimes committed over the internet can involve any number of countries.  If you have been arrested or suspect that you might be arrested for a computer crime or internet fraud, you will need immediate, expert legal advice.  You might be at risk of facing extradition to another country to face charges and prosecution there. We have a wealth of experience in international cases and can offer expert advice and help on issues such as extradition.

Let Irwin Mitchell Help Prepare Your Internet Or Computer Crime Case

This is a complex area of law and if you are facing investigation or charges for this type of crime you need a solicitor with real expertise and experience in this field.  We have a team of dedicated, experienced solicitors who have chosen to specialise in this area of law, defending clients against allegations, charges and prosecution for computer-related crimes.

We can help you if:

  • You have been arrested
  • You are on police bail
  • You have been charged with a criminal offence
  • You believe that you are at risk of arrest
  • You are under suspicion for a computer or internet crime

We have a great deal of knowledge and experience in handling these situations and we also know the sort of issues that you, your business and your loved ones might be facing so you can put your trust in our ability to defend you.

Where necessary, we will instruct and work closely with forensic IT experts, though we have our own technology to process computer-based evidence in-house too and that can help to keep your costs down where possible.

We can give you clear advice and represent you as an individual or on behalf of your company.  We will always do so in plain English and with your best interests at heart.

When necessary, we can defend you in the Magistrates and Crown Court and in the Court of Appeal should an appeal be possible.

Funding Your Case

We act on a privately paying basis, often through insurance policies and sometimes through legal aid (we can advise you about whether this would be available for you). 

We will always discuss with you the likely costs of your case and will tell you if the cost is likely to be more or less than expected, updating you regularly along the way and keeping you costs as low as possible.

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If you have been arrested, are on police bail or have been charged, or you believe that you may be at risk of arrest or are under suspicion of a criminal offence, then please contact our team as soon as possible.

We understand that investigations can commence at any time so we are available and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to deal with urgent requests to defend and represent you.

For an initial discussion, with no obligation, call Paul Haycock on 0114 274 4275. Alternatively, contact us online and we will get back to you.

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