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Kent Man Seriously Injured After Being Hit By Stolen Car Speaks Out After Driver Is Sentenced

Surveyor Reveals Devastating Consequences Of Southampton Collision


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A Kent man who suffered serious injuries when he was hit by a stolen car has spoken out about the devastating effect that the incident has had on his life, following news that the driver involved has been sentenced.

Utility surveyor Thomas Carey, 27, from Rochester, was left with a range of injuries including severe knee problems, a dislocated shoulder and a broken nose when he was struck from behind by the Volvo S60 while working in Bevois Hill, Southampton, on 27 March. Police were pursuing the car.

He was taken to Southampton General Hospital following the crash and, while he was discharged after 12 days, the injuries he suffered have had a lasting impact on his life. Not only has he been unable to return to work, but he is facing the prospect of having a second operation to treat the extensive damage to his right knee.

Following the collision Thomas instructed expert serious injury lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to help investigate the crash and help him access the specialist care and rehabilitation he needs to maximise his recovery. His legal team have already secured him an interim payment to help fund his ongoing treatment.

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The driver involved in the incident was convicted of causing serious injury by dangerous driving at the start of November and has been jailed for three years and handed a six-and-a-half year driving ban.

Following the sentencing, Thomas is speaking out about the terrible effect that his injuries have had on his life and is urging all road users to always make safety a top priority.

Emma Ferguson, expert serious injury lawyer at Irwin Mitchell representing Thomas, said after the hearing: “Thomas has faced an incredibly difficult few months, with the extent of the injuries he sustained in this crash having a long-term impact on his life.

“While news of the sentencing is welcome, we are maintaining our focus on ensuring that Thomas is able to get access to the support he requires to make a strong recovery from this ordeal.

“His experiences are undoubtedly a reminder of the devastating impact that road traffic collisions can have and we would urge all road users to always ensure that safety remains a fundamental concern.”

Thomas’s work as a utility surveyor takes him up and down the country and he was surveying a road in Southampton when the collision occurred.

He recalled: “I crossed the road after checking there was no traffic and just as I was reaching the pavement I heard tyres screeching. I was then hit by a car from behind and thrown into a nearby garden.

“I was in absolute agony and couldn’t believe the extent of my injuries when I got to hospital. My right kneecap was broken, while there was significant damage to the ligaments. It was awful and for the first few days I was bedbound and needed help with everything including going to the toilet – it was embarrassing.”

Thomas was very active prior to the crash due to the nature of his work and hobbies including ice hockey. However, his injuries have changed all of that.

He said: “I have become a bit more independent but still struggle to leave the house without help. There’s also been a psychological impact too, as I am now anxious around traffic and have had panic attacks about it. There have even been nightmares and I’m still yet to get back to work.

“The incident has also affected my family life too, as I missed my grandfather’s funeral while I was in hospital and my brother has also had to postpone his stag do due to my injuries. My mum has also not been able to return to work because I’ve needed her help as well.

“It has been very difficult but news of the sentencing is very welcome. I am now trying to look more positively to the future and am focused on making the best recovery possible.”