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Yorkshire Helicopter Crash Leaves Five Seriously Injured

Five Men Suffer From Various Head, Back, Chest And Leg Injuries


Five people have been seriously injured in a helicopter crash in Breighton aerodrome near Hull in Yorkshire. Aviation specialists at law firm Irwin Mitchell say that questions need to be answered as to how the crash happened to cause such preventable casualties after the Air Accident Investigation Branch carries out a full inquiry.

Humberside Police were called to attend the scene yesterday at 18:07 at the side of the runway. A force spokesman said the injuries were serious but not life-threatening. The five men were taken to Hull Royal Infirmary and Leeds General hospital, two of which were taken by air ambulance.

The casualties were all male and suffered various head, back, chest and leg injuries.

North Yorkshire Fire Service said all men were out of the helicopter when the rescuers arrived. 

Breighton Aerodrome is a former World War Two heavy bomber base and cold-war nuclear missile launch site. The airfield is now home to the Real Aeroplane Company, which hosts a collection of classic planes, and the Real Aeroplane Club, whose members own and operate many unusual aircraft.

Geraldine McCool, aviation and serious injury specialist at Irwin Mitchell, said: 

Expert Opinion
“The news about the crash is devastating and we commiserate the victims and their families. We wish all involved a speedy recovery from their injuries.

“The Air Accident Investigation Branch injury will have to answer a whole host of questions as to how this crash happened under a thorough investigation. The helicopter will go through a product defect assessment, along with a safety standards investigation, to identify the cause of the crash and to ensure an accident like this does not happen again.”
Geraldine McCool, Partner