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VW Emissions Scandal: Lawyers Reveal Concerns As Attention Turns To 2016 Range

Manufacturer Warns Latest Models Could Be Affected


Kate Rawlings, Press Officer | 0114 274 4238

Specialist consumer and product liability lawyers have issued a new warning regarding the Volkswagen (VW) scandal after the troubled car manufacturer admitted hundreds of thousands of cars in the 2016 range could also contain the illegal software which enables them to cheat pollution tests.

VW confirmed last month that it had rigged emissions tests in the US by installing software within its diesel vehicles to provide more positive results, with chief executive Martin Winterkorn resigning as a result of the concerns. 

Further information was revealed earlier this month regarding CO2 emissions concerns in petrol engine cars and an update this week has confirmed that more than half of the affected vehicles are next year’s models – and some of them are already commercially available.

The company has said it had identified “implausible CO2 levels” in current petrol models, including the 1.0 Seat Ibiza, the 1.2 VW Jetta and the 2.0 VW Passat.

It is thought that in the UK alone up to 1.2 million cars have been fitted with the same software, known as the ‘defeat device’ – potentially meaning vehicles do not meet recognised regulations in relation to emissions.

Affected models could include VW-produced cars such as the Golf, Beetle, Jetta, and Passat. 

Audi, which uses the same engine, and the Company has stated 2.1 million cars worldwide are fitted with the same software including its A1, A3, A4, A5, A6, TT, Q3 and Q5.

Specialist consumer and product liability lawyers at Irwin Mitchell, who represent people who have been mis-sold products of all kinds, have been contacted by more than 1,800 people regarding the VW scandal, and have warned that the legal consequences could be catastrophic for the Company. Visit our specialist page to find out about making a claim.

Expert Opinion
“At first it appeared that it was just diesel vehicles which were being affected but following yet more admissions from VW it would seem hundreds of thousands of petrol vehicles in the newest range, some of which have already been sold, could be at risk.

This new information will only increase the problems faced by VW. We are concerned that their customers may have been subject to breach of contract or misrepresentation, as they would essentially have been sold a vehicle on the pretence that it meets key UK and EU regulations regarding emissions.

Over one thousand eight hundred worried customers have already been in touch with us and that figure is growing daily. It shows just how many people could be affected by this issue. The numbers are unprecedented.

Potentially these consumers could make claims against VW or its dealerships, both VW owned or franchised. Dealerships and VW shareholders are also likely to bring claims against VW for their financial losses.

Consumers may also be entitled to claim for repair costs to rectify the issue, and the possibility that the value of their VW or Audi vehicle could depreciate more quickly as a result of what has happened.

We would urge anyone with concerns regarding issues with VW or Audi vehicles to seek expert legal advice. Irwin Mitchell has established a register of those affected and will provide concerned individuals with updates on their rights and the legal redress available.”
Lindsey Pedley, Associate Solicitor