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Settlement For Family Of Elderly Woman Who Suffered Burns From Radiator Following Bathroom Fall

Irwin Mitchell Secures Settlement After Home Carers Failed To Spot Severe Burn


The family of a vulnerable elderly woman who suffered severe burns from a radiator when she fell in her bathroom while being visited by two carers have revealed their anger as the care provider has not yet apologised for the care their mother received.

Jessie King, was 90 years old and suffering with dementia when she was visited at her home in Thybergh, Rotherham, in February 2012 by two carers from Nestor Primecare Services Ltd, which was trading as Saga Home Care.

The carers attended her home each morning to help her out of bed and take her to the shower. However, during a visit on 15 February 2012, Jessie, who sadly passed away in May 2013, fell as she entered the bathroom and landed with her back against a radiator.

The carers contacted Rothercare, a home care services provider, to assist them after the fall, but failed to turn off the radiator or protect Jessie from the heat as she was leaning against it. Rothercare arrived at the property 20 minutes later and helped Jessie to her feet and her carers helped her into the shower, prepared her breakfast and left the property.

It was not until four hours later when Jessie’s daughter, Denise age 57, and a district nurse arrived at the property that the severe burn was discovered.

Jessie, from Rotherham, was rushed to Northern General Hospital by ambulance and referred to the burns unit at the hospital. The burns were so severe that skin grafts were required.

The family instructed expert personal injury lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to investigate the care Jessie received from Nestor Primecare Services Ltd. The law firm has now secured an undisclosed settlement for the family, despite the care provider denying liability of a breach of duty.

Katy Bailey, an expert personal injury lawyer at Irwin Mitchell representing the family, said: “The injuries suffered by Jessie in her own home were absolutely terrible and so severe that she required a skin graft operation.

“Vulnerable people, such as Jessie, who require care in their own home, as well as their relatives, have the right to expect the highest standard of care will be provided. In this case the carers failed to spot the burns Jessie had suffered.

“Her injuries needed months of rehabilitation and Jessie was unable to return to her own home. While we have now secured a settlement for Jessie’s family, this was about answers for the family who are understandably angry and frustrated about how this happened to their mother. They want assurances that this will not happen again to others in future.”

Jessie’s daughter Jean Perkins, age 65, from Sunnyside in Rotherham, said: “The injuries mum suffered were absolutely horrendous and we can’t believe that her carers failed to notice she was lying against a hot radiator and that she had suffered severe burns.

“We are absolutely shocked that Nestor Primecare Services Ltd has continued to deny liability for the injuries and that they have never apologised for what happened.

“We strongly believe that mum would have remained in her own home for longer, which was the point of getting her carers that would visit her at home. We expected the carers would provide a high standard of care but ultimately, we were let down and our mum was left in severe pain as a result. Nothing can turn back the clock and prevent her suffering in those months after the burns but hopefully the carers will learn from this so it doesn’t happen again to others.”

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