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Former Thurso Electrician Appeals To Ex-Workmates After Asbestos-Related Disease Diagnosis

Expert Industrial Disease Lawyers At Irwin Mitchell Investigating Asbestos Exposure


A former electrician who has been diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease caused by his exposure to the deadly dust and fibres is appealing to his former colleagues to come forward with information as he begins legal action.

James Reid, 72 from Thurso, was diagnosed with pleural plaques, which is characterised by the thickening of the lining of the lungs, in 2014.  

He believes he was exposed to the hazardous substance while working for Dounreay Site Restoration Limited in Thurso between 1976 and the 1990s.

The father-of-two has now instructed expert asbestos-related disease lawyers at Irwin Mitchell Scotland to investigate his exposure to asbestos and is urging his former colleagues to come forward with the information his legal team needs concerning the protective measures, if any, were in place to prevent his exposure to the deadly substance. 

He believes he was exposed while maintaining furnaces, which were lined with asbestos. He said the asbestos was disturbed during his work and dust and fibres would be released into the atmosphere.

James also told lawyers he was required to remove roof tiles, which were lined with asbestos, as well as working with trace heating that was lagged with asbestos. He recalled that this was a particularly dusty job and that his hands and overalls would be covered with white dust and fibres.

Laura McCallum, a specialist asbestos-related disease lawyer at Irwin Mitchell’s Glasgow office, said: “James’ diagnosis was a complete shock to him, his wife and his entire family and they are all understandably worried by the news and whether his condition will develop into something more sinister.

“We would like to hear from anyone who was employed Dounreay Site Restoration Limited between 1976 and the 1990s and recall the working conditions at the company. We would also like to hear from former employees, particularly electricians who worked alongside James, or those who recall products containing asbestos being present on the site and working with them.

“This information will play a critical role in helping to secure James and his family a settlement that will be used to pay for his care costs and provide financial stability for his family.”

James said: “The fact that there is something in my lungs that shouldn’t be there is a worry. Both my wife and I are extremely concerned about what the future holds and how it will affect me.

“The diagnosis was a huge shock and to find out it was caused by my exposure to asbestos I may have come into contact with while working is even more upsetting. My job was often dusty and I remember inhaling the fibres as they were floating in the air.

“It would be great if my former colleagues at Dounreay Site Restoration Limited could come forward with the information my legal team need.”

Anyone with information on the presence of asbestos at Dounreay Site Restoration Limited facilities and the protective measures in place to prevent workers being exposed to the hazardous material should contact Laura McCallum at Irwin Mitchell Scotland on 0141 300 4083 or email Laura.McCallum@IrwinMitchellScotland.com

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