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Irwin Mitchell To Host Exclusive Preview For New BeautyTracker App In London

National Law Firm Team Up With Safety In Beauty Campaign


National law firm Irwin Mitchell to host exclusive preview event to leading industry experts of their ground breaking new app in London which has been designed to help people going through cosmetic procedures to track their journey with practitioners and clinics to improve safety in the industry.

The ‘BeautyTracker’ app is a collaboration with specialist cosmetic surgery lawyers at Irwin Mitchell and the ‘Safety in Beauty’ campaign founded by Cosmedic Coach Antonia Mariconda.

The mobile app will allow patients to keep a log of beauty and cosmetic treatments, details of practitioners and get expert advice if a cosmetic treatment goes wrong. The app also contains links to independent sources of help and advice if patients have an unsatisfactory outcome following their treatment.

At Irwin Mitchell the specialist teams have a long history of campaigning for improvements to the beauty and cosmetic industry. One of the firm’s aims is to promote awareness of the high standards that should be maintained within the cosmetic industry and to expose substandard treatments and practitioners, which will help to make cosmetic treatments safer for everyone.

An exclusive preview of the ‘BeautyTracker’ app will be held on 4th June at W Hotel, Leicester Square in London for leading industry experts to see the app for the first time.

As well as the tracker capabilities, the app also provides expert advice and tips from cosmetic experts at Irwin Mitchell and Antonia Mariconda to give patients access to as much information as possible about the treatments they are considering.

Expert Opinion
“Our specialist cosmetic team has seen a remarkable rise in enquiries from individuals that have sustained significant and sometimes permanent damage, following negligent cosmetic procedures. There are several patterns emerging in that patients have often not been properly warned of the risks to their health before undergoing their treatment.

“I wanted to create this app to allow everyone who is thinking about or having a cosmetic procedure to be able to track their journey from booking the initial appointment, researching the treatment type and recording the outcome. It has been designed for patients and clinicians to keep a diary of treatments, appointments and check-ups as well as provide vital information about the procedure the patients will be having and also advice if the result is not what was expected.

“We have repeatedly called for significant changes in the regulation of the cosmetic and beauty industry that would not only provide improved support for people whose lives have been turned upside down by complications during surgery, and ensure lessons are learnt, but also reassures those considering treatments in the future that they will not suffer in the same way as so many have before.”
Mandy Luckman, Partner

Antonia Mariconda, Cosmedic Coach and founder of the ‘Safety in Beauty’ campaign, said: "Irwin Mitchell have been incredibly supportive to the Safety in Beauty campaign, the creation of BeautyTracker is revolutionary and pioneering, and as the first app of its kind launched in the UK, I am pleased to fully support this tool dedicated to empowering and protect the consumer." 

For more information about the BeautyTracker app, please visit www.irwinmitchell.com or it can be downloaded for free in the App Store (IOS) later this month.

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