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Salmonella Victim Calls On Specialist Lawyers To Investigate Mexican Holiday Nightmare

Man Lost More Than A Stone And Was Signed Off Work For Three Weeks After Illness Problems


A Sunderland man who was unable to work for three weeks and lost more than a stone in weight after suffering Salmonella following a holiday at a resort in Mexico last year, has demanded answers regarding his illness, after instructing specialist lawyers to investigate the cause of his illness.

James Wilson, 25, developed the illness following his stay at the Grand Oasis hotel in Cancun in March 2014, with symptoms of palpitations when boarding his flight back to the UK. Upon return to the UK, he developed diarrhoea, severe stomach cramps and headaches. 

In light of the illness James was suffering and the confirmed diagnosis of Salmonella James’ GP signed him off work for several weeks. The illness also left James struggling to eat very much for five days following the holiday, which was booked via Hays Travel Limited.

The legal experts have vast expertise in helping holidaymakers affected by illnesses at holiday resorts and on cruise ships across the globe to gain justice regarding the problems they have faced.

Expert Opinion
“We are very worried to have heard James’ first-hand account of the illness he suffered following his stay at the Grand Oasis in Cancun.

“James’ situation is a prime example of how holiday illness not only ruins special breaks abroad, but can also go on to have an impact on life at home – in his case forcing him to require several weeks off work as he tried to recover from his symptoms.

“We have begun investigations into the problems he has faced and are determined to ensure that, where possible, lessons can be learned so that others are not affected by similar problems in the future.”
Amandeep Samra, Associate

James, from Sunderland, began to feel ill on the final day of his break at the Grand Oasis Hotel in March 2014 with friends.

He outlined: “I felt a little unwell just as I was preparing to leave the resort and didn’t think much of it, but just as I was boarding the plane home I suddenly had these heart palpitations for a minute or so.

“I managed to get through the flight but once back in the UK I was really struggling with my symptoms and it took a while to get home from Manchester Airport, as I had to stop for several toilet breaks. It was very frustrating.”

Following his return home, James visited his GP who confirmed he was suffering from Salmonella. He was also signed off work for three weeks from his role on the production line at a car manufacturing plant.

James added: “It was just a horrible time and really makes me look back on the holiday in a completely different light.

“It was supposed to be a memorable break and instead I just remember the illness I’ve faced after staying there. I was left lethargic and found it difficult to eat, and the fact I lost more than stone shows the lasting effect it had on me. I still continue with an erratic bowel habit.”

“I want to know how I came to be affected and whether steps can be taken to stop others from facing it too.” 

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