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Holidaymakers Take Legal Action After Illness At Lindos Princess Hotel In Rhodes

Expert Travel Lawyers Instructed To Investigate The Cause Of Illness As Greek Wedding Ruined


Holidaymakers are taking legal action after their trips to the four-star Lindos Princess resort in Rhodes were ruined by severe gastric illness.

Among the group, who have instructed specialist holiday illness lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to represent them, are a couple who travelled to the island for their dream Greek wedding which ended in disaster after the bride and groom and their wedding guests suffered from nausea, stomach cramps and diarrhoea resulting in some of the family members seeking medical assistance once they returned home. 

Debra and Christopher Cunliffe from St Helens, in Merseyside travelled to the luxury resort in Rhodes in May this year with 20 of their family and friends for their wedding day but the couple, along with a number of their wedding guests were struck down by gastric illness.  

Now Irwin Mitchell has been approached by another 15 holidaymakers who are reporting their concerns about hygiene standards including that on occasions:

• Food served was undercooked or lukewarm in the restaurant
• Cats were allowed to roam around the restaurant
• The swimming pool area was ‘filthy’
• Poor hygiene in the public toilets.

Irwin Mitchell is still receiving enquiries with reports of many other holidaymakers being ill. 

Jennifer Downing, a specialist International Personal Injury lawyer at Irwin Mitchell, representing the couple, said:
Expert Opinion
We are now investigating our clients’ concerns to determine the cause of their illness but we are deeply concerned by the rising numbers of people who are contacting us reporting they have suffered from gastric illness at the Lindos Princess hotel in Rhodes.

“Our work on behalf of victims of illness outbreaks both in the UK and abroad means that we understand the impact that gastric illness can have on those affected – as well as being extremely unpleasant, it can often leave people with long-term health problems.

“For Debra and Christopher, their holiday was supposed to be the best days of their lives as they got married, but instead they were unable to enjoy their special occasion with their loved ones because many of their guests were unable to join in throughout the celebrations.”
Jennifer Downing, Solicitor

Debra 31, a hospital housekeeper said: “We really couldn’t wait to see all of our friends and family in Rhodes to celebrate our special day. All four of our immediate family, including our children, Jessica aged 5 and Megan aged 4, fell very ill which completely ruined the entire day and the rest of our holiday. 

“To make matters worse our guests spent a lot of their time in their hotel rooms as they began to suffer from similar symptoms and missed out on the celebrations. The day after the wedding, was Megan’s birthday but we could not celebrate this in the normal way that we would have liked. The holiday was also our honeymoon which was also ruined because of how unwell we were feeling. 

“We were very disappointed with the conditions at the resort and the hygiene standards were in my opinion very poor.

“We would like answers about what caused us to become ill, which is why we instructed lawyers at Irwin Mitchell who are now investigating on our behalf.”

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