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Faulty Adapter On Ferry Leaves Musician With Nasty Hand Burns

Legal Experts Call For Improved Health & Safety after P&O Entertainer Receives Traumatic Electric Shock On Stage


A young musician who was left hospitalised with burns to his hands after receiving a strong electrical shock on stage aboard a P&O ferry has called for improved health and safety checks to ensure an incident like this does not occur again.

Dominic Zyntek, 23, from Coventry, West Midlands, instructed injury experts at law firm Irwin Mitchell following an incident during a sound check with his band whilst aboard the Pride of Hull Ferry.

The accident happened on 28th November 2012 when the band, which Dominic sings and plays guitar for, took to the stage to conduct sound checks after being given the all clear that the equipment was safe, despite another member of the entertainments team being sent to hospital in Rotterdam the previous night after receiving an electrical shock from the same equipment.

Although each instrument and microphone was deemed to be working fine, as soon as Dominic reached for the microphone and guitar, he was hit by an electric shock which allegedly lasted around two minutes.

Emergency services were immediately called to the Hull docks and Dominic was taken to hospital where his hands were dressed to cover up the wounds as a result of electrical burns.

Specialist lawyers at Irwin Mitchell have now secured Dominic a £6,240 settlement, after P&O Ferries admitted liability, to cover his loss of earnings and pay for damaged equipment after he was unable to work at his other part-time job at a supermarket and honour events with his band for five weeks due to his injuries.

The equipment Dominic’s band used was checked over following the incident but it was found that a faulty four-way adapter which was already present on the ship was responsible for the shock.

Sally Rissbrook, personal injury expert at Irwin Mitchell representing him, said: “This was a highly distressing and painful accident and Dominic was extremely fortunate to come away only with burns to his hands as the situation could have been much more serious.

“Dominic was informed that it was safe to use the equipment even though a separate incident happened the previous night where Dominic’s manager was taken to hospital as precaution after being electrocuted on the same stage.

“This is highly unacceptable and another situation where poor health and safety has led to a person being badly injured at work. If the correct health and safety checks are not adhered to then incidents like this will continue to happen.

“We are happy for Dominic that he has now achieved justice and that he can continue with his passion for music.”

Dominic who lives at home with his parents said: “This was a truly terrifying experience. All I can really remember is being given the all clear to play and as soon as I put my hand on the guitar the next thing I heard was screaming.

“I honestly thought that I was going to die, it was like I was being burnt alive for a few minutes and the resulting burns on my hands were extremely painful.

“I had to have silver wraps on my hands for weeks to help with the healing and the scar tissue still causes me pain even now.

“My guitar was ruined and unfortunately I couldn’t do either my part-time job or complete any gigs with the band for around five weeks.

“Thankfully justice was achieved and hopefully this case highlights to all businesses and organisations the importance of careful health and safety checks to stop any similar situation happening again.”

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