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Pensioner Struck By Reversing Car Reminds Motorists To Be Vigilant Whatever Their Speed

Expert Lawyers Secure Settlement Through Motor Insurers Bureau


By Helen MacGregor

A pensioner injured when he was knocked down by a reversing car has spoken out to remind motorists to ensure they are more aware of their surroundings and to drive carefully, whatever speed they are travelling at.

Roy Rook, from Cricklewood in Greater London, was knocked down in March 2010 as he crossed the road at Cricklewood Broadway when what he thought was a parked car, suddenly started to reverse into him.

The 83-year-old injured his left knee which continued to weaken and cause him pain and he had to give up the hobbies he loved and undergo a full knee replacement in May 2012.

Mr Rook instructed personal injury experts at law firm Irwin Mitchell to help him in a battle for justice and is speaking out after the firm secured him an undisclosed settlement from the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) as the motorist was an uninsured driver.

Stephanie Whatmore, a solicitor at Irwin Mitchell who represents him, said: “Mr Rook suffered a nasty injury as a result of the driver not paying attention to his surroundings and not seeing him.

“Motorists must remember that vehicles are dangerous whatever speed they are travelling at and it is vital they remain aware of their surroundings by thorough use of their mirrors and checking their blind spots to prevent accidents such as this.

“Mr Rook understandably wanted to see justice for what happened to him so we pursued the claim with the MIB under their untraced driver’s agreement and we were able to obtain the support he needed.”

The widower was taken to the A&E department at the Royal Free Hospital where he was X-rayed to assess the damage.

Thankfully nothing was broken, but he was prescribed pain killers. Over the months that followed, his knee continued to weaken and he had to give up his hobbies of fishing and dancing because he struggled to walk.

Mr Rook said: “I was very shaken after the incident but also relieved that the damage hadn’t been more serious.

“However, when the pain began to get worse it made me sad and angry that it had ever happened as it impacted on the hobbies I thoroughly enjoyed.

“Thankfully my knee has improved since the replacement, but I just hope what happened to me acts as a reminder to motorists about the importance of checking their mirrors for pedestrians and careful driving, whatever speed they are travelling at.”

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