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Chronic Pain - A Clinical And Legal Overview

National Law Firm To Discuss Key Issues On Chronic Pain and Pain Management


The medical profession and people suffering with chronic pain are being given the opportunity to learn more about the clinical background and the legal processes involved at a special conference organised by national law firm Irwin Mitchell.

Suffering with chronic pain can be a distressing and life-changing experience not only for those who experience it, but also for the friends and family who support them through the difficult period.

Many people suffer from acute pain when injured, which is a normal sensation triggered in the nervous system that alerts your brain to the potential injury. Chronic pain is different, as it's persistent and signals continually fire to the nervous system for weeks, months and even years, causing much distress for the victim.

Chronic pain can be caused by a variety of different injuries sustained in falls, road traffic accidents or accidents at work. Anyone at any age can suffer from chronic pain, and it is still unknown why some people get chronic pain and others don’t.

Chronic pain (and its impact) differs from case to case and is a very individual experience.

At the conference, a team of specialists will be presenting a clinical and legal overview of chronic pain, taking a look at the clinical background, its causes, pain pathways and treatment options that are available through the NHS and privately.

Jonathan Peacock, regional managing partner at Irwin Mitchell, will be chair for the conference. He said: “In a nutshell, this conference is the perfect opportunity for anyone who would like to know more about chronic pain, whether you’re a medical professional or a sufferer.

“The complexities surrounding chronic pain vary from case to case.  It is important for pain sufferers and people within the medical profession to understand the legal process for claims, and what options and care are available to those who suffer with chronic pain.

“We have dealt with a number of cases where the initial injury seems relatively minor only for the individual to suffer from severe chronic pain which can cause both physical and mental damage.  People’s lives can significantly change because of ongoing pain, and this conference will showcase and highlight the medical and legal options available.”

Guest speakers attending include:
• Dr George Harrison – Consultant in Pain Medicine at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.
• Dr Jeremy Gauntlett-Gilbert – Consultant Clinical Psychologist
• Helen Merfield – Rehabilitation Specialist
• Dee Burrows – Independent Consultant Nurse, Chronic Pain & Honorary Lecturer, Cardiff University.
• Dr Patrick Clarke –Consultant Pain Physician, The Winfield Hospital, Gloucester.
• Fiona Ashworth – Barrister, King’s Chambers, Manchester
• Jonathan Peacock, Regional Managing Partner, Irwin Mitchell.

The conference will be held at the Colston Hall, Bristol, BS1 5AR and will run from 9.00am till 5.00pm on 28 November.

To register your place at the one-day conference, call Aaron McFarlane on 0121 203 5304 or alternatively e-mail aaron.mcfarlane@irwinmitchell.com