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1 In 4 Britons Has Been Involved In A Road Accident

Some 98.7 Per Cent Of British Drivers Consider Themselves To Be Safe


Around one in four British drivers have been involved in a road accident, a new study has shown.

Of this number, approximately a quarter admitted the incident was their fault, according to Carrot Car Insurance.

To mark the start of Road Safety Week - which got underway on Monday (18 November) - the company asked motorists if they felt they were safe and competent drivers.

Despite the high number of people who said they had caused a collision, an overwhelming 98.7 per cent of the survey respondents claimed they were careful and responsible when out on the roads.

The research also uncovered a number of common bad habits among the UK's road users.

Around 51.6 per cent of those polled said they could not drive without having their mobile phone onboard - a statistic that will no doubt concern road safety charity Brake, which launched a campaign aimed specifically at drivers who are easily distracted earlier this week.

Brake found that more than half a million motorists have accrued points on their licence because they had lost their concentration when behind the wheel.

The Carrot Car Insurance survey also discovered that 14 per cent of 22 to 25-year-olds admitted to sending a text message while they were driving along.

Road rage was found to be a big problem too, with 15.7 per cent of respondents saying they had lost their focus because of a mistake made by another motorist.

More than five per cent of drivers also admitted to tailgating - an offence that police officers now have the power to punish by way of fixed penalty notices.

Ed Rochfort, product director at Carrot Car Insurance, said the study highlights just how many people are driving recklessly, especially those in the 22 to 25 age bracket.

"Contrary to popular opinion it seems that newly qualified motorists tend to be much more cautious than other drivers," he commented.

"Unfortunately, results show it's those with a few years' driving experience who have a tendency to behave less well behind the wheel."

Expert Opinion
The statistics shown above are certainly quite surprising especially in the younger category and especially very poignant as the country marks Brake’s national Road Safety Week campaign.

“A high number of people may think they are safe drivers, but one distraction when driving is all it takes to cause an accident and the consequences can be devastating. We see on a daily basis the impact that serious head and spine injuries have on people’s lives.

“Road Safety Week is a time for all road users to really think about their actions and make sure they drive appropriately to keep themselves, pedestrians and others safe on the roads. Irwin Mitchell supports the excellent work that Brake does in raising awareness of safety on Britain’s roads”.
Neil Whiteley, Partner