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Inspiring Young Man Makes A Miraculous Recovery After Suffering From A Brain Injury

Family Praise Rehabilitation Facilities and University For Their Support


A young man who suffered a horrific brain injury after being knocked to the ground by another man in a random attack has beaten all the odds fought through his recovery and completed his degree at University.

Adam Bell, now 22, from Ackworth, Pontefract, was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery on a blood clot on his brain which was also severely bruised and swollen. He was in hospital for over two months before being allowed home to begin a period of intense rehabilitation.

Adam’s family instructed expert serious injury lawyers at Irwin Mitchell’s Leeds office to help gain vital funds for his lifelong rehabilitation needs following the incident and a significant undisclosed settlement has now been secured from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) for him.

Before the incident, Adam was studying at New College Sixth Form College in Pontefract and had aspirations of studying Law at Leeds University. Adam’s grades suffered due to the head injury he suffered from the accident which happened outside a local shop near to his home as he was returning from a football match. But thanks to his hard work and determination Adam obtained a place at Hull University to study for his Criminology with Law degree.

Adam is unsure of exactly what happened during the attack on 19 October 2008 but following the incident he was rushed to Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield where he was given a CT scan and stabilized. He was then transferred to Leeds General Infirmary where he was taken into surgery on arrival after the scan showed severe bruising and swelling on his brain and also a blood clot.

Following surgery, Adam was taken to Intensive Care where he remained for a week before being transferred to a High Dependency Unit. Adam’s family were by his side throughout and his mum Dawn, 50, stayed at the hospital at his bedside until he returned home in December 2008.

Adam spent weeks in the Neurological Rehabilitation Unit at Pinderfields Hospital to regain his confidence and mobility following his ordeal before he was allowed home to recuperate.

Adam said: “The last five years have been challenging and have changed my life completely; at times I didn’t think I would get to where I am now. It is frightening to think about the injuries I suffered but I am proud that I have battled through it and I am able to achieve success.

“My family, medical staff and Hull University have been fantastic and their support has been so important in my recovery. I am now looking forward to what the future holds now I have completed my qualifications at University.”

Expert Opinion
Adam suffered from horrendous injuries due to the incident and his prognosis was not good, leaving his family devastated about what the future might hold.

“But he has exceeded all the doctor’s expectations and is a fantastic example of the importance of good long-term support – something he would admit has helped him to achieve what he has throughout his recovery.

“The settlement secured will provide Adam with the lifelong care and rehabilitation he needs and the figure also takes into consideration the fact he will struggle to maintain full-time employment.

“Whilst nothing can make up for the devastating injuries Adam suffered we hope the settlement finally provides closure for the family and they can begin to move forward with their lives safe in the knowledge Adam can now receive the best possible care and support.”
Sarah Brumpton, Associate Solicitor

Compensation from the CICA is for victims of criminal acts who have suffered injuries and has been capped at a maximum of £500,000 since 1996 with no increases for inflation, despite the fact that some victims will need 24-hour care for life which can run into millions of pounds.

Our serious injury solicitors could help you claim compensation if you have suffered a serious head or brain injury as the result of an accident. See our Brain & Head Injury Compensation Claims page for more information.