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Health Surveillance ‘A Vital Part Of Protecting Workforce’

Expert Calls On Employers To Do More To Promote Health And Safety


An occupational health expert has called for more to be done to increase the level of protection offered to employees in relation to potential health and safety issues in the workplace.

Writing in the latest Occupational Health Journal, Jenny Mason stressed the need for employers to provide programmes of health surveillance along with adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) to those at risk of developing occupational induced diseases and conditions.

She went on to stress the importance of employers undertaking thorough and detailed risk assessments to ensure that the health and wellbeing of their employees are safeguarded, as well as to ensure compliance with their statutory obligations.

Expert Opinion
Health surveillance should be commonplace in all workplaces and particularly in those where employees are most at risk of developing a work related condition.

"The importance of effective health surveillance measures cannot be underestimated, both when detecting effects of ill health at an early stage and ensuring employees have sufficient information regarding the potential health risks and the use of protective equipment.

"All too often we encounter employees who were simply unaware of the risks that they have then gone on to face. Providing adequate training and education to employees is not an onerous task for the employer and in many cases would prevent the development of symptoms.

"Too many employers do not seem to appreciate the effect such illnesses have on the lives of their workforce nor do they appreciate the potential cost and liabilities may face as a result of their negligence."
Satinder Bains, Partner