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Operation Pallial ‘Must Lead To Child Safety Improvements’

Report Outlines Findings Of Ongoing Investigation Into Abuse In North Wales


By Rob Dixon

Legal experts who specialise in representing victims of child abuse have revealed their hopes that the ongoing investigations related to Operation Pallial in Wales lead to a significant improvement in child safety in the country.

North Wales Police’s chief constable Mark Polin has asked the Director General of the National Crime Agency to continue with the investigation into allegations of historical child abuse, with a new report showing that 140 allegations have been recorded since concerns were raised in November 2012.

Operation Pallial has identified 76 new complainants making abuse allegations in relation to 18 care homes across North Wales, with offences believed to have taken place between 1963 and 1992.

It has also been confirmed by North Wales Police that 84 people have been named as responsible for the offences, with 16 individuals being named by more than one complainant. Ten of the 16 are now thought to be deceased.

Irwin Mitchell’s specialist child abuse lawyers represent victims who have suffered serious physical and psychological injury as a result of neglect and abuse of all kinds, helping them to gain answers and justice over the terrible ordeals they have endured.

The team have been contacted for help by a number of people in recent months related to abuse, in the aftermath of the scandal related to allegations of abuse by Jimmy Savile.

Luke Daniels, a Partner who specialises in such cases, said: “The extent and number of allegations made in relation to historic child abuse in North Wales is clearly shocking and hugely concerning.

“As we know from our work, it can be hugely difficult and emotional for a victim of abuse to come forward over the problems they have endured. It is now vital that all of those who have raised concerns and allegations are able to access the care and support they need at this time.

“While this operation relates to historic allegations, it should be acknowledged that steps have been taken to improve the support given to anyone who reports an allegation of abuse. However, it remains vital that every concern raised is always carefully investigated, with the safeguarding of vulnerable people being a top priority.

“Lessons need to be learned from the mistakes of the past if comprehensive improvements are to be seen in this area.”

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