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Pupils Struck By Manchester And Cardiff School Illness Outbreaks

Reports Highlight Typhoid And Cryptosporidiosis Concerns


Illness experts at Irwin Mitchell have revealed their concerns following reports of illness outbreaks in schools in Manchester and Cardiff.

Local media have revealed that a pupil at Abbott Community Primary in Collyhurst, Manchester has been diagnosed with typhoid, which is commonly caused by bacteria found in contaminated water systems. Parents at the school have been informed of the issue.

In addition, five pupils from the Bishop of Llandaff High School in Cardiff are thought to have caught a diarrhoea illness while on an Easter trip, with one of the students confirmed to suffer from cryptosporidiosis.

Public Health Wales and Cardiff Council’s environmental health officers are now investigating the outbreak.

Elizabeth Tetzner, an illness specialist at Irwin Mitchell, acts for people who have endured health problems as a result of outbreaks both in the UK and abroad, helping them secure justice over the problems they have faced.

She said: “Both typhoid and cryptosporidium are very serious which can go on to have a long-term impact on the health of sufferers, so it is vital that authorities are able to fully investigate both of these cases and ensure that everything is done to reduce any spread.

“A full investigation will also ensure that lessons can be learned which will help to prevent any further incidents in the future.”