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Legionnaires’ Cases Continue To Rise Following Edinburgh Outbreak

Concerns Raised Over Cooling Towers As Potential Source Of Illness


Health authorities in Scotland have revealed that investigations are continuing into an outbreak of Legionnaires’ in Edinburgh which is reported to have affected more than 60 people.

Several cooling towers in the south-west of the capital are reported to have been treated with chemicals to assist with narrowing down the source of the outbreak.

Residents living in the area have also been given further guidance on what symptoms to look out for.

A 56-year-old man with underlying health conditions has died during the outbreak, while it is reported that 61 cases have now either been confirmed as or are suspected to be Legionnaires’ disease.

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Elizabeth Tetzner, a specialist in such cases, said: “It is a huge concern to see the number of cases rise in the way they have but, like medical experts in Scotland, we hope that investigations will provide swift answers and ensure that the number of further cases now begins to decline.

“It is vital that authorities work to resolve all of the questions regarding how this occurred, as well as outline to the public how they will work to ensure the same problems do not happen again in the future.”