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Widow Wins Battle For Justice After Worker Dies From Asbestos Exposure

Legal Victory Over Death Of Man


An industrial disease lawyer has sealed a legal victory that will ensure financial security for the widow of a Stafford man killed by an asbestos-related disease.

John Bromley died on 17th January 2010, aged 62, after he was diagnosed with mesothelioma in September 2008. He had worked for 37 years as a building inspector and surveyor for Stafford Corporation, now known as Stafford Borough Council.

Back in the 1970s workmen on building sites often used to mix raw asbestos fibres from big bags with a fluid and then spray the asbestos onto the beams of the building work. John’s job was to ensure that the asbestos had been sprayed onto the beams with the necessary thickness to ensure adequate fire protection. Fresh asbestos was always being made up or applied nearby where John was working.

Iain Shoolbred, a workplace illness expert with Irwin Mitchell solicitors, has secured justice on behalf of Mr Bromley’s widow, Angela, who has now received a six figure undisclosed out of court settlement. He explained: “Mr Bromley’s employers were in breach of a number of duties of care to him – even as long ago as the 1950s, there was an awareness of the dangers of asbestos and Stafford Corporation should have done more to protect their employees.

“Although I am pleased that we managed to obtain a settlement for Mr Bromley’s family it is important to remember that no amount of money will bring back John. The compensation will ensure Angela’s future financial security, but she has lost her husband and lifelong companion as a result of him doing no more than going to work and earning a living. After more than 30 years working for the council, he was looking forward to a well earned retirement and spending more time with his family, but as a result of this terrible illness, his life was cruelly cut short.”
Mr Bromley first began suffering symptoms of the illness in October 2009 when he found he was struggling with his breathing. Later he developed a persistent cough and went on to suffer from continuous pains in his stomach and vomiting.

Various hospital tests and CT scans were carried out and Mr Bromley endured months of chemotherapy, before his death in January 2010. His mesothelioma had been diagnosed at an early stage by Stafford Hospital who had been monitoring Mr Bromley’s condition after a bout of pleurisy in 2007.  Even so, Mr Bromley passed away only 16 months after his diagnosis of the asbestos related disease.

An inquest into Mr Bromley’s death was held in April 2010 with HM Coroner for South Staffordshire, Andrew Haigh, recording a verdict of industrial disease.

Commenting on the settlement, Mr Bromley’s wife, Angela said: “After 26 years of marriage, to lose John has been very hard to come to terms with. He suffered a great deal of pain in the last few months of his life and it was so upsetting to see his health deteriorate, knowing there was nothing I could do to help him.  

“Before John’s death, we had in the process of refurbishing our dream home that we had intended to live in for the rest of our lives. It devastates me that John will never see our home complete.”

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