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North Wales Estate Dispute ‘Proves Need For Clarity When Writing Wills’

'Quality Advice' Vital When Preparing For The Future


An estate dispute related to a 19th century property in North Wales which has reportedly driven a family apart is a prime example of why people need quality, professional advice to ensure that their Will is clear and accurate, according to an expert at Irwin Mitchell.

Reports have revealed how three siblings from the Pennant family are in dispute over the terms of their mother’s Will and how their historical home, the Nantlys Estate, and its surrounding land should be divided.

Lilla Penant, 61, has launched a claim stating that her elder sister Banba and brother Arnold have been given too much of the estate and that she is actually entitled to more of the land. She has also suggested that the terms of the split are clear within the Will.

It believed that the case, which has allegedly been the basis of a long-term dispute between the siblings, will be heard in the High Court in the future.

Adam Draper, a solicitor in Irwin Mitchell’s specialist Will, Trust and Estate Dispute team, said the case demonstrated why professional advice is a must when making plans for the future.

He said: “It appears from reports that this issue has been raised purely due to the interpretation of the terms in the Will, which rightly highlights just how important it is for those writing a Will to ensure that it comprehensively and clearly meets their wishes.

“It is similar to a number of cases which we are involved in, when families have been driven apart as a result of a disagreement over a Will and people feel compelled to take legal action to get access to what they believe they are entitled to.”

Adam added that the issue also demonstrates how Will disputes can often rumble on for some time, causing families much heartache and difficulty.

He outlined: “The deceased in this case died around eight years ago and, in the US, a dispute in relation to multi-millionaire socialite Brooke Astor has only just been concluded after around five years of court battles.

“We would always urge those preparing a Will to ensure they sit down and discuss their wishes with loved ones, to ensure that all parties are completely clear on they want their estate to be divided.

“Cases like these demonstrate what can happen if you simply fail to provide your loved ones with clear directions in a proper and concise Will.”

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