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Industrial Disease Verdict In Landlady’s Inquest

Solicitor Comments On Outcome Of Hearing


An inquest has handed down a verdict of industrial disease in the case of a landlady who was exposed to asbestos in the pub she managed for 21 years.

At a hearing in Smethwick, it was revealed that Barbara Ford died as a result of asbestos poisoning after coming into contact with the deadly material in the cellar of the former Waterglade pub in Willenhall.

According to the Express & Star, she died this month from asbestos-related disease, around four years after she was first diagnosed with the illness.

Asbestos specialists at Irwin Mitchell, who act for people who have suffered from mesothelioma and related illnesses as a result of exposure to the deadly material, helped Barbara Ford and her family settle a claim in relation to her illness in July last year.

Kim Barrett, the solicitor and asbestos-related disease expert at the firm’s Birmingham office who advised the family in their case, said: “Like so many of the cases we act in, Barbara’s case highlights the terrible legacy that exposure to asbestos can have.

“It also highlights that while exposure is often linked to work in industrial settings, there are many cases in which people can come into contact with it in offer areas – such as public buildings and even hospitals or schools.

“Lessons must be learnt from these terrible cases and we would urge all employers and organisations to ensure they follow the necessary guidelines if asbestos is present in any of their buildings.

“Every effort should be made to limit exposure to asbestos and ultimately reduce the devastating legacy the deadly material has on so many lives.”