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Firm Prosecuted After Worker Suffers Leg Injuries In Silo Incident

HSE Investigation Raises Safety Concerns


A malt company in Scotland has been fined in relation to a work accident in 2008 which left an employee with serious leg injuries.

Pauls Malt Ltd was fined £8,000 after it pleaded guilty to safety breaches in relation to the incident, which saw Derek Kinmond hurt while trying to fix machinery in a grain silo at the company’s premises in Burrelton, Perthshire.

The worker switched off the electrical supply to the silo on two occasions to release machinery which appeared to be blocked. However, on the third attempt he failed to isolate the power on the screw auger and his legs became entangled in it.

Upon arrival in hospital he had his left leg amputated, while his right leg was badly broken and is now held together by metal plates and pins.

An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive revealed that a lack of supervision meant that safety procedures were not followed.

Elaine Russell, a workplace injury specialist and Partner at Irwin Mitchell’s office in Glasgow, said: “This case highlights the alarming consequences that failing to follow safety guidance and regulations can have in the workplace.

“We sadly deal with a number of cases similar to this, where employees have suffered serious life-changing injuries in incidents which may have been avoided if the right supervision and guidance was provided.

“Lessons have to be learnt from cases like this if the number of people injured – and in some cases killed – in industrial accidents are to fall and general levels of health and safety improved. Every effort needs to be made to prevent the same mistakes from ever happening again.”

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