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Diver Deaths In Scotland Raise Safety Concerns

Safety Alert Issued Following Fatal Incidents


An accident at work expert at Irwin Mitchell has welcomed a safety alert issued following the deaths of two shellfish divers in separate incidents in Scotland.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has called on businesses involved in the industry to ensure their employees are adhering to all of the necessary safety guidelines, following two recent incidents in the Forth estuary.

Both of the cases, which took place at Methil and Largo Bay, are currently under investigation and no cause of death has yet been confirmed.

However, the HSE has urged firms to meet at least the minimum requirements in relation to team size, as well as to ensure that all workers are aware of procedures and have access to the necessary equipment.

Elaine Russell, a Partner and workplace injury expert at Irwin Mitchell Scotland, welcomed the calls.

She said: “While investigations into these two tragedies are still ongoing, the HSE has obviously felt it is important to once again emphasise the importance of safety to those involved in the shellfish diving industry.

“Diving is undoubtedly a dangerous occupation, which is why it is fundamental that every effort is made to minimise risk and ensure that workers have the right tools and skills with which to carry out such projects in the safest possible manner.

“Too often we see workers seriously hurt or, in the worst cases, killed as result of the failure of their employers to prevent wholly avoidable accidents.

“This has to change, and we hope that lessons can be learnt from these latest deaths which will ensure that safety standards are improved in way which will stop further people being hurt in such a manner.”