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Illness Experts Concerned As Norovirus Outbreak Hits Welsh Hospital

Ward Reportedly Closed Following Problems


Specialists who provide advice to people affected by illness in the UK and abroad have urged authorities to act quickly following a suspected norovirus outbreak in a Welsh hospital.

Reports have revealed that at least five people have been showing symptoms of the illness, which is believed to have affected the Prince Philip Hospital in Llanelli and led to the closure of one ward on the site.

Health authorities in the region have stated that the illness is under control and that the other departments in the hospital are still working as planned.

Experts at Irwin Mitchell have acted for many people who have suffered serious illness following norovirus outbreaks in the UK and abroad. The firm’s travel law team also acts for hundreds of people who recently fell ill after a stay at the Butlins site in Bognor Regis.

Philip Banks, a Partner and illness expert in the team, said: “While it is welcome news that authorities are looking to contain and control this outbreak, it is clear that answers are needed over how it came to occur and whether it could have been avoided.

“Illness like norovirus can have a serious, devastating impact on many people, particularly the elderly and very young, so it is clearly concerning that an outbreak has occurred in a hospital which will undoubtedly be caring for a number of people already battling difficult and life-changing conditions.

“For the sake of those affected, as well as other patients who may have faced some disruption as a result of this, it is vital that every effort is made to examine whether all safety guidelines have been followed and if anything could have been done to prevent this.

“Hopefully an investigation will also ensure important lessons can be learned here which will prevent similar problems in the future.”