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Injured Cyclist Gets Back On The Saddle With Help From Irwin Mitchell

Firm Sponsors Voluntary Cycle Club


A man who suffered serious injuries when he was struck by a car while travelling on his bicycle on a roundabout is now moving on with his life in a new job after settling his claim.

Stewart Smith, 43, from the Firth Park area of Sheffield, suffered an open fracture to his elbow as a result of the accident at the Brook Hill roundabout. He was forced to undergo surgery to insert 15 screws, 2 metal plates, and a length of wire through his right arm and elbow. The wire was removed some months later, but Stewart’s movement was left permanently restricted.

Road accident specialists at Irwin Mitchell recovered a settlement on Mr Smith’s behalf to help cover the costs of his care and rehabilitation as well as his legal costs and loss of earnings.

He lost his job as a deputy manager of a residential children’s home as a result of his injuries, but has since his found work in a cycle shop and has set up a voluntary cycle club which Irwin Mitchell sponsors.

Following the incident the driver of the car drove off but police officers witnessing the crash were able to stop him further down the road. He was subsequently prosecuted for driving without due care and attention, and was given a £90 fine; 4 points on his license; a £15 victim surcharge; and £35 in court costs.

At the time, Mr. Smith thought this was far too lenient a sentence owing to the extent of his injuries and the fact that he was left with permanent restrictions on the movement in his elbow.

He said: “After the impact the crash had on my life, the initial sentence felt like a real slap in the face. I was in and out of hospital, I was in pain, and I could no longer work at the job I loved.

“The driver attempted to flee the scene and yet only had to pay £140, meaning he was practically free to just drive away from court when I could barely walk.

“I am now getting my life back on track. This settlement does not put things back to how they were, but at least it gives me some form of justice and allows me to rebuild my life. Irwin Mitchell has been a great help, and although I can’t go back to my original job, thanks to them I’ve been able to work in something I love.”

Nicky Meese, a road traffic injury expert at Irwin Mitchell, said: “It a huge relief for Stewart that after his initial disappointment with the trial, we have been able to support him in getting his life back on track.

“We will always fight for those who have been a victim of an incident which was not their fault, and where their lives have been affected as a result. The work we do helps victims and their families to rebuild their lives from serious injury and, in many cases, funds a lifetime of future care, support and a better quality of life.

“Stewart can now look to put the incident behind him and begin to move on with his life and work in the cycle shop.”