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New Safety Stats Reveal Urgent Need For Road Cameras

Figures Show Benefit Of Technology


Scottish authorities must continue to invest in life-saving road safety equipment such as speed cameras, says a national personal injury specialist.

As newly-released statistics show that speed cameras have helped to reduce the number of fatalities on Scottish roads, Elaine Russell, partner at the Glasgow office of law firm Irwin Mitchell, says the figures prove the investment is worthwhile.

Statistics published by the Scottish Government this week showed that the average number of people killed or seriously injured at sites with cameras had fallen by 56 per cent between 2007 and 2009.

With police and politicians recently voicing worries about potential cuts to safety camera funding, and the consequent risk to public health, Russell said the investment will always be worthwhile if lives are being saved.

She said: “Scotland has some of the worst roads in the UK for road traffic accidents and regrettably many of my clients are people whose lives have been devastated by accidents on these dangerous stretches.

“Although fatality rates were at an all time low last year, 216 people still passed away in needless accidents. My fear is that if Government spending cuts reduce the budget for these life-preserving cameras, that number will start to drastically rise.

“It is imperative that local authorities listen to the Scottish public, 73 per cent of whom support the cameras, and continue to spend the money necessary to maintain this equipment and keep road users in Scotland safe.”