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Lawyer Condemns Nightclub Crash Incident

Injury Expert Urges Victims To Seek Advice


A lawyer at Irwin Mitchell has called for a swift investigation to be carried out into an incident which saw a car deliberately driven into a crowd of people stood outside a bar in Rochdale.

According to reports, around 14 people were hospitalised after a stolen Saab was driven onto the pavement outside Dali Bar. Police have since suggested that the crash came about after two men were asked to leave the premises due to their behaviour.

It is believed that the targets of the attack were the bar’s door staff, while three people injured in the incident remain in hospital. A 26-year-old man has been arrested.

Discussing the events, leading injury lawyer David Urpeth said: “I am concerned by the reports of what occurred outside the Dali Bar in Rochdale over the weekend.

“It is a major worry that people have been injured, some seriously, through no fault of their own as they were simply enjoying a night out.

“We hope that the police and other authorities act quickly to provide answers as to how and why this happened, as well as take appropriate action to ensure nothing like this happens again.”

"Anyone injured in this terrible accident should seek legal advice as soon as possible, as they may still be able to make a claim even if the driver is untraced or uninsured.”