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Call For Care Home Killer Inquiry

Whistleblower Calls For Public Inquiry


One of the "whistleblowers" who raised concerns about care home killer Rachel Baker is calling for a public inquiry.

Sarah Barnett worked alongside Baker at the Parkfields Residential Care Home and was one of two care workers who reported her unpredictable behaviour after becoming suspicious, according to the Western Morning News.

She worked at the home from March 2005 and has since voiced her belief that more could have been done to protect Baker's victim, Lucy Cox.

Ms Barnett said she stood by her decision despite being vilified by the community.

The Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI) inspected the home in June 2006 and Ms Barnett spoke of her "relief" when the visit was confirmed.

But her fears were not recognised and the CSCI awarded the home an "adequate" status. She said the decision made her question her own suspicions.

She said: "This was a residential home, not a hospital or nursing home, and we were losing a resident every six weeks - this seemed an incredibly high death rate.

"Rachel's behaviour both personally and as a manager became increasingly erratic and unpredictable. One day she would be the consummate professional, an asset to the home, and another she would be off the wall, shouting, screaming and slamming doors."

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Julie Lewis from law firm Irwin Mitchell said: “This case outlines the importance of vigilance at all times in the care of elderly residents at residential nursing homes over and above the standard regulatory inspections.  We are pleased to note that the actions of conscientious colleagues has meant that Rachel Baker has been apprehended which will save other residents from abuse at her hands.”