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Inquest Concludes Hospital Neglect

Man Died At Leicester General Hospital


Law firm Irwin Mitchell is calling for the NHS to learn from its mistakes after a coroner confirmed that the condition of a man who died at Leicester General Hospital was aggravated by the inadequate level of care he received.

George Kyriacou Angelides, from Evington, Leicester, who had Guillain-Barre syndrome, died of lung disease bronchopneumonia on 2 April 2007, aged 70. He also suffered from pressure sores, a colon infection caused by bacteria and B-cell lymphoma (a form of cancer), all of which contributed to his death.

The coroner, Mrs CE Mason, returned a verdict of death by natural causes but said that his condition was aggravated by neglect.  The documentation about Mr Angelides’ care was also found to be incomplete and in some cases not there at all. The coroner has now written to University Hospitals Leicester NHS Trust to demand the hospital takes action to address its’ failings.

Stella Baxter, George’s daughter, said: “We are extremely saddened by George’s death. He was admitted into hospital with a simple kidney stone and some 16 months later died in hospital under such tragic circumstances.

“If the right treatment is administered for Guillain Barre Syndrome most patients make a full recovery. Unfortunately George did not receive this treatment. He was a great man, a wonderful father and grandfather and a devoted husband. Shortly before his death George successfully registered his charity the George Angelides Trust to raise awareness and offer direct assistance to adults and children who may experience the devastating physical and mental effects of Guillain Barre.”

Ally Taft, expert in medical law at Irwin Mitchell, representing the family, said: “The level of care given to Mr Angelides was inadequate considering his condition, and it is vital that the hospital learns from these mistakes.

“During the latter part of his life Mr Angelides was completely dependent on the hospital for care. Despite this he suffered from a number of pressure sores during his time at the hospital, which should have been avoidable with appropriate nursing care.

“The documentation on Mr Angelides condition and symptoms was incomplete, inaccurate, and did not identify his needs from the outset and for the duration of his time in hospital. This is simply unacceptable given the severity of his condition.

“Patients’ safety has to be the top priority for the NHS and it is absolutely paramount that the hospital improves its level of care and learns from this tragic case. While the inquest provides some answers over Mr Angelides’ death, it will not ease the family’s pain and we are keen to ensure that no-one has to suffer as they have.”

The George Angelides Trust was set up before he died to raise awareness and offer direct assistance to adults and children who may experience the devastating physical and mental effects of Guillain Barre, a rare neurological syndrome causing varying degrees of paralysis. For more information visit www.georgeangelidestrust.co.uk

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