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Pensioner Injured In Dog Attack

Dog Attack Results In Injury Requiring Surgery


A dog has knocked a pensioner to the ground before savaging him and his pet in Sheffield, it has been reported.

Witnesses described how a pit bull-type dog knocked the man, who had a walking stick, to the floor in Base Green.

The animal was then reported to have attacked the owner's pet dog as the elderly man shouted for help.

Gerald Manterfield, 59, from Dronfield, told the Sheffield Star how he jumped out of his car to help the victim.

He said: "I grabbed hold of the dog by its neck and clamped his back legs between mine, which gave the old man time to recover. He was beating the dog trying to make it let go but its jaws were clamped around his poor dog's face - his dog was screaming with pain."

Mr Manterfield explained that a Staffordshire terrier then turned up and joined in the fight.

He said: "Thankfully another man came over to help out and we managed to get the dogs off. Then the owner of both dogs turned up and took his animals away."

A South Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said: "It is believed the elderly man sustained injuries to his fingers, which required surgery. The owner of the dog was arrested and has been reported for summons. The dog has been seized with a view to being destroyed."

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Katrina Elsey, a lawyer at Irwin Mitchell said: "Dog owners are urged when out and about in public places to keep their dogs under proper control. Dog Bite injuries can have devastating affects very often leaving not only scarring but psychological injuries which causes a huge amount of distress for victims."

If you have been attacked by a dog, you may be able to make a dog bite claim.