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Five Years Of Illness Outbreaks At Holiday Village Turkey

Illnesses Include Salmonella


Dozens of holidaymakers who fell ill while staying at Holiday Village Turkey have contacted Irwin Mitchell, prompting travel law experts to urge First Choice to “take action on stop sending holidaymakers there”.

This is the fifth consecutive year that holidaymakers have contacted Irwin Mitchell after suffering illness at the hotel, which was formerly known as the Pegasus Palace.

“Lessons clearly have not been learnt,” said Clive Garner, head of the Irwin Mitchell’s Travel Law Team. “We already know that many of those who contracted illnesses while staying at this hotel are likely to develop long-term and possibly permanent symptoms. More worryingly there are increasing numbers of holidaymakers who have experienced similar problems this year.  We have already received enquiries from dozens of people, and they have told us of high levels of illness throughout the hotel, including salmonella infection.

“What we’re saying to First Choice is quite simple. More needs to be done to tackle the health and hygiene problems at this hotel. Either sort it out, once and for all, or stop sending people there.”

Chris Cheetham, from Oldham, has instructed Irwin Mitchell to take legal action after his daughter Eleanor was hospitalised during a stay at the hotel in May this year.

Eleanor became so ill that she was admitted to hospital in the resort then transferred to a private clinic. Once the family returned home, younger daughter Alicia also suffered sickness and diarrhoea. Neither daughter has yet fully recovered.