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Stoke Couple Contact Holiday Illness Lawyers After Ruined Egyptian Holiday

Illness In Sharm el Sheikh


A couple from Stoke-on-Trent have contacted holiday illness lawyers at Irwin Mitchell after their holiday in Sharm el Sheikh was ruined by illness.

Richard Gerrard and Nina Shenton stayed at the Zouara Hotel, Sharm el Sheikh, which they say was surrounded by building work and off the beaten track.

The couple complained about cleanliness at the hotel and quality of food.

Mr Gerrard said: “The food was disgusting. Meat was undercooked and the buffet was left out for long periods of time, with new food being piled on top of the old food. We even noticed flies landing on the food and lots of other guests complained of similar problems.”

The couple both fell ill within days of arriving at the hotel. They had to stay in their hotel room for most of the holiday as no doctors were available. On their return to the UK the couple had to seek medical treatment from their GP.

Joanne Beddow, an expert in holiday illness at Irwin Mitchell said: “Mr Gerrard and Miss Shenton are not the only people to have fallen ill at the Zouara Hotel. We have received enquiries from other guests with similar complaints and who have had their holiday ruined by illness.”