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Over 50 Holidaymakers Consider Legal Action After Illness Outbreak At Concord el Salam Sport Hotel

Illness Outbreak In Egypt


Over 50 British holidaymakers are considering legal action after their holiday turned into a nightmare, following an illness outbreak in June and July at the five star Concord el Salam Sport.

Mark Thompson (41) from Hull in East Yorkshire travelled to the hotel in July in a party of 12 family and friends, including his wife Lisa (36) and their children, Mark Jr (17) and Bethanie (15 ), as well as Lewis, a family friend (17).

The family travelled with Thomas Cook Tour Operations Limited for a dream Egyptian break.  However, after only a few days the whole family began suffering from gastric illness symptoms including severe stomach cramps, diarrhoea and vomiting.

The family say that on several occasions they thought that the food they were served was not at the correct temperature, and sometimes it appeared to be undercooked. There were also birds and ants seen around the food and cockroaches were seen around the hotel. They were also concerned about the smell of sewage around the complex.

The family’s symptoms became so bad that a doctor had to be called to their room and they were prescribed tablets for the diarrhoea and stomach pains. On returning to the UK the family visited their local GP as they still continue to suffer with the symptoms of their illness.

Mr Thompson commented: "I can’t begin to describe how disappointed we all are with how our family holiday turned out. I wanted to see the sights of Egypt, but it simply wasn’t possible as we were all so ill.  It was not my idea of a good holiday especially seeing my children so ill."

Liz Tetzner, a solicitor specialising in Travel Law at Irwin Mitchell Solicitors, who is representing the Thompson family, said “This is yet another example of widespread illness suffered by British holidaymakers abroad.  It is a matter of great concern that more than 50 holidaymakers are reporting incidents of severe illness among guests at what is supposed to be a 5 star hotel.  The severity of symptoms suffered and the associated reports of failures in food safety point to a serious outbreak of food poisoning.  Such outbreaks can usually be avoided by the implementation of basic food management principles.  These principles are well known internationally and there really is no excuse when they are not properly followed.

"Our experience, supported by recent independent research, shows that many of those who have fallen victim to illness while abroad will go onto suffer long term or even permanent consequences.  With such significant risks to the long term health and welfare of holidaymakers, hotel management and tour operators need to make food safety a top priority.  Sadly, recent experience, including illness among the guests of numerous hotels in Egypt, indicates that much more needs to be done.  Meanwhile, we continue to receive instructions from those who have suffered illness and who wish to recover compensation for the dreadful experiences that they have had."