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Mills Awarded £24.3 Million

Divorce settlement


Heather Mills has today been awarded £24.3 million by Mr Justice Bennett following her divorce from Sir Paul McCartney. As part of the judgement, Ms Mills received £16.5 million in cash and assets of £7.8 million, but will appeal over confidentiality terms after it was made public.

The decision comes after the couple failed to reach a deal during five days of closed door hearings at London's High Court. Addressing journalists on the High Court steps, Ms Mills claimed to be "very, very happy" with the decision and that the settlement secured her own future and that of her daughter Beatrice.

As part of the judgement, Mr Justice Bennett considered Ms Mills income needs and the total value of Mr McCartney's assets.

Kevin Harris James from law firm Irwin Mitchell said: "The figures involved whilst of interest of course have very little application to divorce generally. However the imposition of a confidentiality clause is of particular interest prompting debate as to the need for openness in court proceedings and the right to privacy in terms of personal affairs.

"I am not surprised to learn of a gagging clause given the very public manner in which this acrimonious divorce has been played out."