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Safety Advice For Farm Power Lines

Industrial Accidents


The safety of farm workers near electricity power lines is the subject of advice being made available in seven European languages.

E.on's Central Networks electricity distribution company said it wanted to ensure people were aware of the dangers of working near power lines.

It has produced safety leaflets available in languages such as Turkish, Polish and Lithuanian. An online version has also been published.

Phil Wilson, customer operations manager at Central Networks, said: "Large machinery, tall farm equipment and overhead power lines are a potentially lethal combination.

"In addition, bright sunshine during the day, or a low setting sun in the evening, can make it more difficult to spot power lines.

"These simple precautions are really important, especially when you may be rushing to get something done."

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David Urpeth from law firm Irwin Mitchell said: "I have seen a significant increase in the numbers of immigrant workers who have been injured in industrial accidents. The agricultural industry still remain a major category of work accidents.

"Employers have a duty to not only provide necessary training but to ensure those receiving the training fully understand it. I believe these leaflets will help to reduce the numbers of work accidents involving migrant workers.

"Anybody injured or killed at work should seek legal advice about pursuing a claim for compensation as soon as possible."