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Fresh Allegations Made Against Care Home In Portsmouth

Allegations Of Abuse At Children's Home


Following fresh allegations of sexual and physical abuse at a children's home in Portsmouth, Hampshire police are reviewing an investigation.

The initial 10 month police investigation into the Children's Cottage Home in Portsmouth was closed in 2006 without charges.

Detectives were told by a total of 21 men and women that they suffered abuse, both physical and sexual at the former children's home in Cosham, mostly in the 1950s.

It was decided that there was insufficient evidence to prosecute when the allegations were examined by the Crown Prosecution Service.

Tracey Storey, a Partner at law firm Irwin Mitchell said: "It takes a great deal of courage for survivors of abuse to come forward. Sexual crimes take place in secret and are concealed but these brave people deserve a thorough enquiry. They are likely to have lived through years of pain and legal redress will help them to come to terms with what happened and its effects on their lives."