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Leading Birth Injury Lawyer Agrees Maternity Shortages Risk Lives

Manchester birth injury lawyer responds to Royal Colleges report


Stephanie Forman from the Manchester office of national law firm Irwin Mitchell today welcomed the call for more midwives, obstetricians and anaesthetists to make childbirth safer.

Responding to a report issued today by the Royal Colleges representing UK health workers involved in childbirth the leading birth injury and neonatal legal specialist said:

"There is still a worrying trend towards under-resourcing pre and post-maternity care with tragic consequences. The women I represent have often been through a perfectly healthy pregnancy and then something catastrophic has happened at the end resulting in injury and sometimes the death of the baby.

"The fact that only one in four maternity units have enough midwives for one-to-one care and half do not ensure that an obstetrician is routinely on ward duty is shocking.

"The litigation costs to the NHS could be significantly reduced with appropriate risk management and adequate resourcing."

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