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Cruise virus sickness

Cruise virus reports in San Diego


The cruise which ended its 10 day voyage in San Diego has left holidaymakers affected with gastric illness, most with symptoms of sickness and diarrhoea.

Cruise operators have had to report the incident to the Centre for disease control. This is the fourth time that passengers on this particular cruise ship have been affected with what is thought to be noro virus.

Irwin Mitchell represents a number of other holidaymakers who have also travelled on cruise ships and been similarly affected by virus related sickness.

Cruise virus solicitor

Suki Chhokar, specialist travel litigation solicitor of Irwin Mitchell comments:

"Basic food and water hygiene levels must be in place and regular cleaning of key areas such as the toilets and kitchens is essential. Once an outbreak has been identified health advice must be given to all existing passengers and any new people joining the boat must be warned. After an outbreak the boat must be deeply cleansed and sanitised before any further passengers board."

Mr Chhokar concluded "We realise that is difficult for cruise operators to prevent someone coming on board with the virus. Responsible cruise lines, and travel operators, will have comprehensive procedures in place but these need to be strictly adhered to and implemented across the entire industry."

Irwin Mitchell have previously represented large numbers of claimants who have become ill following cruises and significant levels of compensation have been recovered.

If you or someone you know has been effected by virus on a cruise ship, hotel or resort, our experts can help. Fill in our online claims form for free legal advice.