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Compensation for Victims of Abuse by Priests

Record settlement following abuse by priests



Cardinal Roger Mahony, leader of America's largest Roman Catholic archdiocese apologised to the hundreds of people abused by priests after agreeing to a record-breaking compensation settlement worth $660m (£324m).

The apology comes after the 508 victims reached a pay-out deal with the church.

Cardinal Mahony said "There really is no way to go back and give them that innocence that was taken from them. The one thing I wish I could give the victims ... I cannot."

The Catholic Church in England and Wales has also been warned by the Cumberlege Commission that there is still "room for improvement" five years after the publication of the Nolan report which aimed to improve child protection within the church

The independent Cumberlege Commission was set up last year to review the progress of the church since the 2001 Nolan report.

It found that the Church has addressed either "completely" or "partially" 79 of the 83 recommendations made by Lord Nolan. However the commission warned the church that it risked a "serious reversal" of some of the good work it had done in tackling child abuse if it failed to deal with the tensions within its own ranks over the issue.

Tracey Storey a Partner with Irwin Mitchell who specialises in Child Abuse claims said "It is clear that the Catholic Church has made some progress, but more still needs to be done to stop abuse and to investigate it fairly, when it is brought to the Church's attention. We are still seeing cases where children are disbelieved and not listened to.

"It can not be right that the Church offers more support to accused priests than the children and vulnerable adults who come forward and bravely disclose. The Church can do more to keep children safe and to that end, I welcome the Cumberlege Commission report recommendations."

Claiming compensation for abuse

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