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New Fast Track Legal Department Open For One of The Country's Leading Law Firms

Fast track legal claims


Accident victims are to be offered faster access to compensation following the launch of a new service by leading personal injury lawyers Irwin Mitchell (incorporating Alexander Harris).

The Grey Street-based firm of solicitors' new fast track claims department will deal exclusively with claims worth under £50,000.

More complicated and serious injuries will continue to be dealt with by the firm's specialist serious injury department.

The new department aims to substantially reduce the time it takes for people to be awarded compensation for injuries sustained as a result of an accident at work, a road traffic crash or a slip, trip or fall. Wherever possible, interim payments are obtained for clients before their final compensation is received.

Typically these might be a whip-lash injury following a road traffic accident or a sprain or broken bone as a result of falling on an uneven pavement.

Some people can be off work for weeks or even months following an injury. Here, seeking compensation can help families redress the financial loss which has been caused through no fault of their own.

There is no cost for the service which is available to anyone who believes that they might be entitled to financial compensation for their injury.

In the vast majority of cases the claim will be made against the defendant's insurance company.

Irwin Mitchell fast track claims and legal services

Irwin Mitchell has a fast growing reputation in fast track claims work and has moved to meet the demand for its services with the new Fast Track Department.

Emily Sunderland heads up the new Department, which includes specialist paralegal support.

She said that the benefit of using Irwin Mitchell over High Street or internet Claims companies is that the firm has specific expertise to deal with this kind of case.

"This enables us to focus on settling cases quickly, with access to a wide range of specialist resources and skills.

"This makes it easier for us to concentrate on acting in the best interest of our clients, and achieve the ultimate outcome as soon as possible."

"Each case is carefully examined on its individual merits and a decision made whether or not to proceed with a claim.

"The important thing is for people to come forward and speak us in the first instance.

"Our successful claimants will receive the full amount of compensation awarded to them. By comparison some internet or High Street Claims companies will take numerous deductions before handing compensation cheques over to their clients.

"With our expertise we aim to settle cases quickly and our clients will receive 100% of their compensation. This can only be good news for the consumer."

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