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Inquiry into contaminated blood

Contaminated blood claims potential


The supply of contaminated NHS blood to haemophiliacs is to be investigated as part of an independent public inquiry.

At present it is believe that 1,757 haemophilia patients who were exposed to HIV and or hepatitis C-contaminated NHS blood and blood products had died since being infected, the independent public inquiry will be conduct by the Labour peer Lord Archer of Sandwell, a former Solicitor-General, after a campaign by Lord Morris of Manchester, president of the Haemophilia Society and a former Minister for the Disabled.

Lord Morris said that of 4,670 such patients exposed to hepatitis C, 1,243 were also exposed to HIV and that, notwithstanding improvements in treatments, only 2,552 patients with hepatitis C and 361 with HIV were still alive. The situation has been described by Professor Lord Winston as the worst treatment disaster in the history of the NHS.

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