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Poor Nursing Care Being Tackled

Aims to reduce poor nursing care


The Care Services Minister, Ian Lewis, has launched a Dignity in Care campaign, which aims to create a care system with zero tolerance of abuse.

Mr Lewis said The generation which built this country has a right to expect excellence in the support and care they receive. By working with those on the frontline, I want to put dignity and respect at the heart of services for older people.

The campaign includes a grant being given to local authorities to improve care homes and the preparation of a Dignity in Care Practice Guide. The Government is also establishing a network of local champions of dignity.

As a law firm which frequently acts on behalf of older people who have been neglected in care homes and hospitals, we welcome the Government's campaign. A lack of proper nursing care can have huge consequences for an elderly person who may be already vulnerable.

Patients can quickly develop pressure sores if appropriate nursing care is not given. The sores sometimes become infected and it can be very difficult to get rid of the infection. We have acted for clients who have had to take the drastic step of having a leg amputated for this reason. This could have been easily avoided if the nursing staff had taken proper care of the patient's pressure areas in the first place.

Some patients feel that they are simply written off by hospital staff, with their problems being put down to dementia. They are given the impression that, because of their age, little is being done to investigate the cause of their ill-health.

Other common problems relate to severe dehydration and malnutrition, which can seriously affect the patient's general health. The campaign seeks to end this problem by introducing a Protected Mealtimes Initiative, requiring non-urgent clinical work to stop at mealtimes.

If you or a loved one has been neglected whilst in a Hospital which resulted in Pressure Sores, our Hospital Negligence Solicitors could help you to claim compensation. See our Pressure Sores Compensation page for more information.