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Harry Farr from First World War Receive Pardon

Harry Farr receives pardon


Delight As Executed Soldiers from First World War Receive Pardon As The Armed Forces Act Receives Royal Assent

The family of executed soldier Private Harry Farr, who fought a 15 year legal battle to get him pardoned, reacted with joy today as the Armed Forces Act received Royal Assent. 

The Act which aims to harmonise and streamline the discipline systems of the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force, also pardons over 300 soldiers including Private Harry Farr, who were executed in World War One for military offences.

Private Farr's Granddaughter Janet Booth said "This is just wonderful, not only for my Grandfather, who was shot in 1916 whilst suffering with shell shock, but also for the families of all the other men who fought so bravely only to be killed by their own side."

Mrs Booth continued "On behalf of the family we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has helped in the fight and never stopped believing in the rights of these men to be remembered for their bravery."

John Dickinson from Law firm Irwin Mitchell which fought the legal battle on behalf of the Private Farr's family which led to the pardons said

"people cannot understand the stigma that these sentences have had over the lives of the men's families. In Private Farr's case, he had fought bravely in many battles during this cruel war and was clearly suffering from shell shock when he could no longer fight on the front lines."

"Private Farr had no fair trial and was shot the morning after his sentencing by a summary court. Today is a great day for brave men and their families who deserve to know that their relatives were not cowards."