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Sheffield student awarded £2,400 after injuring hand at work

Accident at work


A Sheffield student has been awarded £2,400 in compensation after crushing his hand while working in a local supermarket.

Hand injury at work

Paul Metham, 22, secured his award with help from Laura Scotford, of national law firm Irwin Mitchell, based at its offices in Riverside, Sheffield. Mr Metham, of Albanus Ridge, Stannington, was awarded the sum in an out of court settlement, following an employers liability claim against Sainsburys, based at Archer Road, Sheffield.

Mr Metham had been working as a part-time shelf stacker for 15 months, as well as studying towards a Law degree, at the time of the accident in September 2004.

Mr Metham said: I was guiding a large metal roller cage, about six feet tall and filled with spirits, down a narrow corridor towards the drinks store. Because I had spirits, I had to take them to the security cage, which has two doors leading into it and two large pieces of metal protruding from the doors, so it can be locked with a padlock.

As I was pulling the trolley along one of the wheels jammed, causing it to twist and subsequently crush my left hand against the metal teeth sticking out of the security cage door.


Hand laceration

Mr Metham pulled his hand free, and found it was bleeding profusely. He was taken to the Northern General Hospital and the laceration to his hand was sutured.

He said: The hospital advised me that if I was in any pain I should visit my GP as it was merely a healing process and nothing could be done for me. I did visit my GP after suffering pain and swelling in my hand. I was absent from my work at Sainsburys for three weeks as a result of the accident and it also interfered with my studies.


Avoiding an accident at work

I believe this accident would not have occurred if the cage wheel had worked properly as the roller would not have locked, jamming my hand. Protective gloves may also have prevented me from being scarred.

Laura Scotford said: This case highlights the importance of properly serviced and maintained work equipment. Simple measures can ensure accidents and injuries, such as those suffered by Mr Metham, do not occur.