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Jade's Story

“The moment I picked up the keys to my first house was a milestone moment for me, as it meant I finally felt independent four years after my accident.

My name’s Jade, and in 2011 I was a passenger in a car when it was involved in a road traffic collision with an oncoming vehicle. The passenger side took the brunt of the impact, and I was left with a severe brain injury, fractures to my ribs, spine, collarbone and pelvis.

Jade on her wedding day

It was a lot to come to terms with at just 19, and I had to adjust to the change this meant for me. For two months I was an inpatient undergoing intensive rehabilitation, speech and language therapy.

I was with my solicitor, Stacy Clements, who I trust implicitly, when we got the news that we’d been successful in securing a long-term rehabilitation and support package for my future. That for me was another moment I’ll never forget, as it was such a weight lifted off mine and my family’s shoulders.

I knew then that I would eventually get back to an independent life, but the loss I felt for my old, carefree life was hard to come to terms with. I had to relearn how to do everyday tasks that others take for granted, like cooking and managing day-to-day activities.

Following my intensive rehabilitation, it was great to be able to go on holiday to Mexico with my grandparents, who have been my main support, both financially and emotionally, throughout this challenging period in my life.

Michelle Morris, my financial planner, supported me in looking after my finances after I moved into my first home with my partner Alex in 2015. Alex has also been there for me since the accident, so it was such a special moment. I finally felt like I was independent again and could move on from what happened. It was the beginning of a new chapter.

A drawing of Jade and her partner Alex with their dogs

In all of those moments I felt so much excitement, but at the same time it felt like I was watching it all happen in front of me, as I’ve come such a long way since my accident. I don’t think I would have achieved half as much without Stacy’s support.

I hope my experience shows others who are either going through something similar themselves, or who have a loved one who’s suffered a brain injury, that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.”

Jade and her grandparents

Thank you to our client Jade, for allowing us to share her story and some of the milestone moments in her case. Jade was supported by serious injury solicitor, Stacy Clements, and is now supported by financial planner, Michelle Morris.